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What to expect at the IDTechEx Show! USA | Nov 20 - 21 | CA, USA

On November 20 & 21 the IDTechEx Show! opens in the Santa Clara convention center to 3,500 people representing technology scouts and innovation managers from global brands to suppliers from across the value chain.

Accumold micro molding leader

Accumold specializes in producing extraordinarily small plastic parts that require extreme precision since 1985.

Smell Sensor Aroma Bit SDK-1Q, Aroma Coder 35Q Desktop Smell Sensor

Aroma Bit is a developer of leading-edge olfactory aroma sensors​ that can digitize the sense of smell.

3D printed sensors using continuous carbon fiber

TNO connects people and knowledge to create innovations that boost the competitive strength of industry and the well-being of society in a sustainable way.

Smart contamination and air quality sensors

NuWave Sensors develops a range of smart contamination and air quality sensors designed to continuously monitor airborne contaminants where the stability of air quality is essential and rapid diagnosis of contamination events are crucial.

Washable smart garments

Lunative, the multi award-winning German forerunner in "Smart Light Wear Technology" for textile and fashion products provides OEMs and B2B partners in textile, functional wear and fashion industry ready-made and customized solutions - suitable for a huge range of smart clothes, e-textiles and new textile-based smart applications.

Highlights from the IDTechEx Show!

IDTechEx CEO, Raghu Das discusses trends in flexible electronics, stretchable electronics, structural electronics, internet of things, sensors, wearables, healthcare, electric vehicles, energy storage, graphene, 3d printing and printed electronics in the opening cornerstone presentation at the IDTechEx Show! Europe 2019.

Smart underwear: sensing and protecting against urinary incontinence

wearables designed specifically for women with a specific health need. With Carin, women can work on their pelvic health in the privacy of their homes with minimal intervention in daily life.

Stretchable sensors and their future applications

Marcus Taylor, CEO, Silent Sensors and Dr Peter Harrop, Chairman, IDTechEx discuss sensor technology at the IDTechEx Show!

Conductive inks & applying that knowledge to biometric sensors

Sheldahl Flexible Technologies discusses their progress at the IDTechEx Show! USA