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Air Force Research Laboratory
20 Oct

Mimicking nature, water-based 'artificial leaf' produces electricity

A team led by a North Carolina State University researcher has shown that water-gel-based solar devices - "artificial leaves" - can act like solar cells to produce electricity.
18 Oct

DARPA invests $89 million in Boeing's Solar Eagle

Boeing has announced that it has won $89 million in funding from the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) who has selected a concept developed by the Boeing Company for the second phase of the Vulture long-endurance unmanned aerial system (UAS) program.
15 Oct

Electrofluidics breakthrough could see e-readers with videos in color

UC electrofluidics breakthrough could change the display technology used in a myriad of electronic devices. e-Readers like the Amazon Kindle may be able to display color and video.
17 Aug

GE to develop new bio-inspired sensor

Replicating nanostructures from the wings of Morpho butterflies, GE's sensors would enable highly selective, near-instantaneous detection of chemical threats GE's sensing platform could create other industrial and healthcare applications, including emissions monitoring at power plants, water purification and food safety testing and breath analysis for disease detection
11 Nov

Breakthrough in industrial-scale nanotube processing

Rice University scientists have unveiled a method for the industrial-scale processing of pure carbon-nanotube fibers that could lead to revolutionary advances in materials science, power distribution and nanoelectronics.
30 Jul

'Conductive ink' solar panels capture sun power for soldiers

Scientists developed a ready-to-use, cost-reducing technology that can capture sunlight and store it as energy to power Global Positioning System components, portable communications, and other devices for U.S. soldiers.
18 May

Highlights from the FlexTech Workshop at Clemson University

Flextech (formerly the U.S. Display Consortium, USDC) is an organization whose members include companies involved in all aspects of printed, flexible and organic electronics.
23 Apr

Printed oxide electronics at Oregon State University

Oregon State University has had a comprehensive program developing printed oxide electronics and electro-optics for some years.
8 Jun

3D Solar Cells Boost Efficiency of Photovoltaic Systems

5 Dec

Flexible Electronics for Military Applications

Air Force Research Laboratory, United States
9 Nov

Printed Electronics USA 2006

The premier event in printed electronics is pleased to announce an exciting roster of thought provoking speakers and topics. Covering all aspects of printed electronics, from technical to financial, Printed Electronics USA 2006, is being held in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona December 5-6th. Delegates will hear from companies looking to the promise of this nascent technology to solve real world problems and open entirely new markets.
4 Jul

Commercializing Breakthroughs