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1 Jul 2020

Smartwatches as a Medical Device? Progress and Outlook from IDTechEx

Last week, Apple announced the latest features that will be added to the Apple Watch in watchOS 7. Amongst the range of updates were a series of new health app features, including new "mobility metrics" such as low-range cardio fitness, walking speed, stair-descent speed, stair-ascent speed, six-minute walk distance, double support time, step length, and asymmetry.
25 Jun 2020

DSP Group

IDTechEx interviewed Ofer Elaykim and Tali Chen, CEO and CMO respectively of DSP Group. In this profile we give an overview of the company as well as details about their more recent focus on hearables and the related acquisition of SoundChip.
22 Jun 2020

Augmented City

Attendee of AWE 2020
17 Jun 2020

What Happened to Magic Leap?

Magic Leap laid off 1000 employees in April 2020, and has switched to a enterprise market rather than a consumer market. Why?
15 Jun 2020

Wearables: 5 Key Conclusions From IDTechEx's Latest Research

2019 saw the largest single year growth rate for wearable technology product revenue since 2015
20 May 2020


LifeBooster, Inc. is a connected worker risk analytics company based in Vancouver, Canada. IDTechEx interviewed Jeffrey Smith and Bryan Statham, VP of Business Development and CEO/Co-founder (respectively) for this profile.
19 May 2020

Fresh Fruit Robotics

Product design: it is not autonomous. One supervisor drives the machine. The machine is designed to have 12 picking arms, 6 on each side. The picking arm can penetrate one meter into the tree and if the trees are 100 or 600mm inside and are visible the robot can pick them up.
19 May 2020

SwarmFarm Robotics

Swarm Farm Robotics is based in Australia.
19 May 2020

Guss Automation LLC

Prior to this they had a history of fabrication as 'they always built their own sprayers for tractor pulled sprayers'. They claim that they always had more 'innovations for sprayers in house than the market had'.
19 May 2020

Blue River Technology

Blue River Technology is one of the best funded automated agricultural robotic companies. It has raised $30.35 in two rounds of Series A and B from 2012 to 2015. Its investors include Khosla Ventures, Syngenta Ventures and Monsanto Growth Ventures which are the venture arms of Syngenta and Monsanto, respectively. It was acquired by John Deere for $305M in 2017.
4 May 2020

Researchers Put Proximity Tracing App to the Test

Over the past two weeks, EPFL computer scientists have been testing and refining the smartphone-based system developed by the international Decentralized Privacy-Preserving Proximity Tracing project (DP3T), with the help of the Swiss Army. Their goal: to optimize the app's ability to alert users after they've been in contact with someone contagious with COVID-19, while building trust around the open system.
30 Apr 2020


SkinVision has developed a smartphone app that allows users to understand their risk factors for skin cancer (including melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma and precancerous actinic keratosis). It enables users to detect skin cancer at an early stage as well as to keep track of their moles over time in order to monitor their evolution. SkinVision does not formally provide a diagnosis, but instead a risk assessment and recommendation.
21 Apr 2020

New Report Addresses Key Questions About the $25bn Hearables Market

IDTechEx have released a new report covering the market, technology and players in hearables. It finds that the hearables market was worth $24.5bn in 2019 and will continue to grow at a forecasted 14% YoY from 2020-2025.
15 Apr 2020

Conductive Inks: 5G, Automotive, Power Electronics, PV, E-Packaging

Conductive ink business is inherently wonderfully diverse, which has allowed the industry to rejuvenate itself time and again and to remain relevant through generations of product lifecycles. This diversity, however, presents a market segmentation, evaluation, and prioritization challenge for many small and large players across the world.
10 Apr 2020


IDTechEx analyst Nadia Tsao interviewed Somatix CEO Eran Ofir on 7 Apr 2020. Somatix has built AI software for gesture detection which they have applied to remote patient monitoring.
1 Apr 2020

AmCad BioMed

AmCad BioMed's devices are designed to enable early detection and diagnosis of various diseases, such as thyroid cancers, fatty liver, liver fibrosis and obstructive sleep apnea. The softwares developed by AmCad BioMed enable rapid analysis of ultrasound scan images.
25 Mar 2020

Deep Learning for Mechanical Property Evaluation

A standard method for testing some of the mechanical properties of materials is to poke them with a sharp point. This "indentation technique" can provide detailed measurements of how the material responds to the point's force, as a function of its penetration depth.
13 Mar 2020

Ink-based conformable package-level EMI shielding

Ink-based conformable package-level EMI shielding: a megatrend or supplier push? In this article we consider the trend towards ink-based conformable package-level EMI shielding. The more general trend towards conformable package-level shielding is a major one, and is already in full swing. Indeed, many products have already adopted such coating, replacing the established bulky lid-based shields.
12 Mar 2020


IDTechEx visited Clariant in Höchst near Frankfurt to learn more about their silver nanoparticle activity. We talked with Carsten Schauer in this visit.
3 Mar 2020

Computer Vision for Boosting Pest Control

One of the strategies used for biological control of the South American fruit fly is sterilization of males by X-ray or gamma-ray irradiation. The aim of the procedure is to bring about a decrease in the wild population of these insects.