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29 May 2024

Electromagnetic Metamaterials Market to Approach US$15B by 2034

Metamaterials use regular engineered patterns of subwavelength structures to interact with waves. Electromagnetic metamaterials promise to have transformative effects within the fields of optics and telecommunications. They could make biometric recognition cheaper and more accurate, make virtual reality more immersive and comfortable, and facilitate high-speed mobile internet with zero signal blackspots, yet adoption is in its infancy.
16 May 2024

Thermal Interface Materials 2024-2034: Technologies, Markets, and Forecasts

IDTechEx Report: Yulin Wang and Dr James Edmondson
14 May 2024

New Episode of 'Tomorrow's Tech by IDTechEx' Podcast: Quantum

IDTechEx have released a brand new episode of the 'Tomorrow's Tech by IDTechEx' podcast, 'Quantum Computing: Is It the Space Race of the Modern Age?'. Host Shazan Siddiqi and industry expert Dr Tess Skyrme will be discussing the up-and-coming trends in the upcoming quantum landscape.
10 May 2024

STMicroelectronics: SiC Advantages and Supply Chain

In conversation with IDTechEx, STMicroelectronics discusses its intentions for insourcing SiC wafers, as well as the potential of SiC, GaN, and Si IGBTs in the automotive market. STMicroelectronics talks about its manufacturing capabilities and its choice of SiC MOSFET configuration.
8 May 2024

Optical & Radio Frequency Metamaterials 2024-2034: Markets, Players, Technologies

IDTechEx Report: Sam Dale, Dr Yu-Han Chang, Dr James Jeffs and Dr Xiaoxi He
18 Apr 2024

Quantum Technology Market 2024-2034: Trends, Players, Forecasts

IDTechEx Report: Dr Tess Skyrme
17 Apr 2024

Silicon Photonics and Photonic Integrated Circuits 2024-2034: Market, Technologies, and Forecasts

IDTechEx Report: James Falkiner and Dr Yu-Han Chang
15 Apr 2024

Here's Why the SDV Market Will Be Worth US$700 Billion by 2034

The SDV and AI Cars market is set to be worth over US$700 billion by 2034, representing around 20% of the global car market, according to IDTechEx's "Software-Defined Vehicles, Connected Cars, and AI in Cars 2024-2034" report.
10 Apr 2024

3D Printing: Hobbyist Pastime or Industrial Evolution?

After years of hype, the 3D printing industry has moved onto a more critical examination of the value-add that effective additive manufacturing adoption brings to businesses and supply chains. In a recent episode on 3D printing, the technology innovation podcast 'Tomorrow's Tech by IDTechEx' explored the history and benefits of this versatile technology, which has existed for over 30 years yet is still finding new applications and end-users in many major sectors.
9 Apr 2024

New Episode of 'Tomorrow's Tech by IDTechEx' Podcast: Batteries

IDTechEx have released a brand new episode of the 'Tomorrow's Tech by IDTechEx' podcast, 'Battery Technology: What's The Next Big Breakthrough?'. Host Dr Tess Skyrme and industry expert Dr Alex Holland will be discussing the up-and-coming trends in the upcoming battery landscape.
4 Apr 2024

Plant-based Leather: A Revolution in the Leather Industry?

Plant feedstocks are the biggest focus of companies entering the emerging alternative leather market. Companies are utilizing a very diverse selection of input feedstocks, including bamboo, grapes, apple skin, cactus, and pineapple leaves. Additionally, there are several different approaches to the incorporation of plant-based materials and the general manufacturing process.
3 Apr 2024

Advanced Li-ion Battery Technologies 2024-2034: Technologies, Players, Forecasts

IDTechEx Report: Dr Alex Holland
18 Mar 2024

Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) 2024: Emerging Applications, Alternatives, Regulations

IDTechEx Report: Sona Dadhania, Dr Conor O'Brien, Chingis Idrissov, Dr James Edmondson, Yulin Wang and Conrad Nichols
12 Mar 2024

New Episode of 'Tomorrow's Tech by IDTechEx' Podcast: EV Charging

IDTechEx have released a brand new episode of the 'Tomorrow's Tech by IDTechEx' podcast, 'EV Charging 101: How Can We Take the Guesswork Out of Driving Electric?'. Host Dr Tess Skyrme and industry expert Shazan Siddiqi will be discussing the up-and-coming trends in the EV Charging landscape.
7 Mar 2024

Lidar 2024-2034: Technologies, Players, Markets & Forecasts

IDTechEx Report: Dr Xiaoxi He
28 Feb 2024

Printed and Flexible Sensors 2024-2034: Technologies, Players, Markets

IDTechEx Report: Dr Jack Howley and Dr Tess Skyrme
27 Feb 2024

Heads-up Displays 2024-2034: Technologies, Players, Opportunities

IDTechEx Report: Dr Xiaoxi He
19 Feb 2024

Altos: Cheaper 4D Imaging Radar

4D imaging radar represents the next generation of radar technologies for the automotive industry. They bring a significant performance boost necessary for highly autonomous cars but also bring a significant price increase compared to conventional models. Altos radar avoids using the most costly components found in most 4D imaging radars, allowing a substantial cost reduction.
16 Feb 2024

Antenna in Package (AiP) for 5G and 6G 2024-2034: Technologies, Trends, Markets

IDTechEx Report: Dr Yu-Han Chang, Sona Dadhania and Dr James Edmondson
15 Feb 2024

Materials Informatics 2024-2034: Markets, Strategies, Players

IDTechEx Report: Sam Dale