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26 Apr 2022

New Miniature Heart Could Help Speed Heart Disease Cures

An interdisciplinary team of engineers, biologists, and geneticists has developed a new way of studying the heart: they've built a miniature replica of a heart chamber from a combination of nanoengineered parts and human heart tissue. There are no springs or external power sources—like the real thing, it just beats by itself, driven by the live heart tissue grown from stem cells.
5 Oct 2020

Tool Helps Clear Biases from Computer Vision

Researchers have developed a tool that flags potential biases in sets of images used to train artificial intelligence systems. The work is part of a larger effort to remedy and prevent the biases that have crept into AI systems that influence everything from credit services to courtroom sentencing programs.
28 Mar 2019

Directa Plus

Update 2019
20 Apr 2017

Biased bots: Human prejudices sneak into AI systems

Many experts think of artificial intelligence systems as coldly logical and objectively rational. But in a new study researchers have demonstrated how machines can be reflections of us and acquire human-like biases.
8 Apr 2016

Research collaboration to transform Parkinson's disease care

Pfizer Inc and IBM have announced a first-of-its-kind research collaboration to develop innovative remote monitoring solutions aimed at transforming how clinicians deliver care to patients suffering from Parkinson's disease.
25 Oct 2013

Project aims to mass-produce nanopetals for sensors, batteries

Research findings indicate the material shows promise as a sensor for detecting glucose in the saliva or tears and for "supercapacitors" that could make possible fast-charging, high-performance batteries.