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Aspen Aerogel
21 Oct 2022

Fire Protection Materials for Electric Vehicle Batteries 2023-2033

IDTechEx Report: Dr James Edmondson and Dr Richard Collins
9 Jun 2021

Aerogels: Is China Taking Over the Market Landscape?

As with nearly all manufacturing of functional materials and beyond, there has been a shift to China, and the aerogel industry has been no exception.
18 Feb 2021

Aerogels 2021-2031: Technologies, Markets and Players

IDTechEx Report: Dr Richard Collins
4 Mar 2019

JIOS Aerogel

Update on JIOS Aerogel in March 2019.
26 Feb 2019

Why isn't the aerogel industry booming?

Aerogels are a class of advanced porous materials with a huge amount of potential. However, despite being discovered back in the 1930s, this potential has never turned to a booming commercial reality. Since the turn of the century there has been significant growth, but the industry has once again stalled before greater growth.
19 Dec 2018

BASF Polyurethane GmbH - Aerogel Technology

Although a strong partnership exists Aspen Aerogel are also looking to move into the building and construction insulation market. This will see Slentite and different types of spaceloft be competitng for interior insulation.
13 Nov 2018

Aspen Aerogel

IDTechEx Technology analyst Dr Richard Collins interviewed Michael O'Connor (Commercial director and VP for building and construction) from Aspen Aerogel. A presentation given by Michael was also observed the International Seminar on Aerogels 2016.
Included are:
18 Oct 2018


Develop silica aerogel blankets for high performance building insulation with good flame retardance. Supercritically dried products have good properties and the company operate on a large scale.
18 Oct 2018


Make silica aerogel composites by supercritical drying. Market leaders in this field
21 Jun 2018

Additive Manufacturing and Lightweight Materials for Aerospace and Defense 2018-2028

IDTechEx Report: Dr Richard Collins
5 Oct 2017

Initial results emerge from the Aspen Aerogel patent infringement case

This week an announcement came that Aspen Aerogels has won the initial determination in a US International Trade Commission (ITC) investigation. IDTechEx has been closely following the aerogel industry and discuss here the reasons behind this case, the initial result, and the implications of this announcement.
22 Jun 2017

Diversification becomes essential for the aerogel industry

The 21st-century commercialisation of the aerogel industry has been extensively discussed, but despite the excitement and huge potential, it is still a long way from plain sailing for the manufacturers.
26 Jan 2017

Aerogel products are answering industries toughest questions

Silica aerogels and their use in fibrous composite panels and blankets remain the most prevalent form. Key market players and applications have driven this growth; however, this landscape could be about to shift.
15 Dec 2016

The aerogel market has finally come of age

IDTechEx research analysis has shown that this industry, which is almost a century in the making, is finally coming of age. Major players are finding more nascent applications and new entries are progressing out of semi-commercial prototypes and into full market launches.
9 Nov 2016


Aspen Aerogel are the largest suppliers of silica composite blankets and panels. This large scale (due to be bigger by 2020) and strong collaborations make them market leaders.
9 Nov 2016

Tiem Factory Inc

Aspen Aerogel are the largest producers of aerogel products, specifically silica composite blankets. In May 2016, Aspen Aerogel were awarded $2.75m from the US Department of Energy Advanced research Project Agency-Energy (APRA-E) to develop windowpane technology that provides insulation and condensation resistance. This will run over 3 years, which means a product could be available at a similar time to SUFA.
9 Nov 2016

Aerogel UK

IDTechEx Technology Analyst Dr Richard Collins interviewed Andrew Dumville (Company Director) from Aerogel UK. Aerogel UK use silica aerogel materials to make panels, blankets and coating composite products.
9 Nov 2016

Aerogel Technologies

IDTechEx Technology Analyst Dr Richard Collins interviewed Stephen Steiner (Founder and CEO) from Aerogel Technologies. Aerogel Technologies produce monolithic aerogel products with a specific focus on polymer aerogels
8 Nov 2016

JIOS Aerogel

Aspen Aerogel are the main supplier of aerogel blankets to the oil and gas industry. Currently at capacity they will 3 times capacity when second manufacturing plant is operational in 2018-2020.
13 Oct 2016

Keey Aerogel

Aspen Aerogel are the largest producers of supercritically dried aerogel products. They are looking to expand into building and construction specifically through their spaceloft family of silica blanket aerogels. Aspen Aerogel hope to increase their capacity of this material and also reduce the cost with the development of a new plant.