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25 Nov 2019

Sandvik and Renishaw Collaborate to Qualify New AM Materials

Renishaw is collaborating with Sandvik Additive Manufacturing to qualify new additive manufacturing materials for production applications. This encompasses a broad range of metal powders, including new alloy compositions that are optimised for the laser powder bed fusion process and which provide superior material properties.
29 Aug 2019

AGM advances applications for water-based anti-corrosion coatings

The development addresses customer regulatory pressures for safer and more environmentally sustainable paints and coatings.
12 Jun 2019

Remote Patient Monitoring 2019-2029

IDTechEx Report: Dr Nadia Tsao and James Hayward
4 Jun 2019

Electronic Skin Patches 2019-2029

IDTechEx Report: James Hayward and Dr Nadia Tsao
21 May 2019

E-Textiles 2019-2029: Technologies, Markets and Players

IDTechEx Report: James Hayward
11 Apr 2019

3D Printing Materials 2019-2029: Technology and Market Analysis

IDTechEx Report: Dr Bryony Core
8 Apr 2019

Conductive Ink Markets 2019-2029: Forecasts, Technologies, Players

IDTechEx Report: Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh and Yasuo Yamamoto
4 Mar 2019

JIOS Aerogel

Update on JIOS Aerogel in March 2019.
14 Feb 2019

Transparent Conductive Films and Materials 2019-2029: Forecasts, Technologies, Players

IDTechEx Report: Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh and Raghu Das
13 Nov 2018

Aerogels 2019-2029: Technologies, Markets and Players

IDTechEx Report: Dr Richard Collins
1 Nov 2018

Lubrizol demonstrates integrated technology solutions

Lubrizol demonstrates integrated technology solutions for highly flexible electronics at 2018 IDTechEx Show!
25 Oct 2018

Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.

12 Oct 2018

3D Printing in the Medical and Dental Industry 2019 - 2029

IDTechEx Report: Dr Bryony Core and Dr Nadia Tsao
2 Oct 2018

Stretchable and Conformal Electronics 2019-2029

IDTechEx Report: Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh, James Hayward and Dr Xiaoxi He
26 Sep 2018

Evergreen Spectral Coating Research Underway

The Face Companies of Norfolk, Virginia announced a joint project with Old Dominion University to further develop Face's patented Spectral coating technology that will enable light-sensitive devices such as solar panels and photosensors to be seamlessly concealed, increasing the aesthetic and economic appeal of these devices.
17 Sep 2018

Metal Jet 3D printing for mass production

HP Inc has launched HP Metal Jet, for the high volume manufacturing of production-grade metal parts. Providing up to 50 times more productivity at a significantly lower cost than other 3D printing methods, HP Metal Jet is being deployed by manufacturing leaders GKN Powder Metallurgy and Parmatech for the factory production of final parts.
21 Aug 2018

Intel advances the safe integration of drones into US airspace

Intel is working with the Federal Aviation Administration and other industry participants to foster innovation and to shape the global standards and practices for unmanned aircraft systems, with safety being the first priority.
21 Jun 2018

Additive Manufacturing and Lightweight Materials for Aerospace and Defense 2018-2028

IDTechEx Report: Dr Richard Collins and Dr Bryony Core
5 Jun 2018

View Inc.

View Inc. manufactures and commercialises electrochromic smart glass. It has its HQ in Milpitas, California. It is one of the two main contenders with electrochromic technology, the other one being Sage Electrochromics. The struggle between the two companies for the smart glass building market has already begun since the companies have filled patent infringement lawsuits against each other. In 2013, Corning invested $60 million in View Inc. as a way to enter to the architectural glass market with its new glass fusion manufactured thin glass.
17 Apr 2018

Smart Glass and Windows 2018-2028: Electronic Shading and Semi-Transparent PV

IDTechEx Report: Luke Gear and Franco Gonzalez