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4 Feb 2020

Hanergy Collapse: Significance for EV and Photovoltaic Industry

Hanergy is a large Chinese company. In past years, it has been in trouble for allegedly false accounting but it has been a global leader in flexible and thin film photovoltaics including GaAs and copper indium gallium diselenide CIGS and it has its own advanced silicon photovoltaics PV.
21 Jun 2019

Exclusive agreement to initially focus on driverless mobility services

Groupe Renault, Nissan Motor Co., and Waymo have entered into an exclusive agreement for an initial period to explore all aspects of driverless mobility services for passengers and deliveries in France and Japan.
4 Jun 2019

Solar Car Update - June 2019

A quick take on solar cars and some important news items on the subject
29 May 2019

A Solid Future: New Opportunities enabled by Solid State Batteries

Solid state batteries have been considered as the avenue to the next generation energy storage solutions. According to IDTechEx's research "Solid-State and Polymer Batteries 2019-2029: Technology, Patents, Forecasts, Players"
19 Nov 2018

Electric Vehicle Futures at the IDTechEx Show! Silicon Valley

Many new electric vehicles were on display at the IDTechEx Show! on November 14-15 in Santa Clara, but that was the tip of the iceberg. The event had a hidden message; the future enabling technologies for electric vehicles (EVs) from buses to cars to mining vehicles.
13 Aug 2018

Ionic Materials

1 Aug 2018

Hanergy and Bollore Group to build solar electric vehicles

Hanergy Holding Group subsidiary, Donghan New Energy Automotive Technology inked a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Bluecar, a subsidiary of France's Bollore Group to mark the beginning of new era in the field of solar electric vehicles.
4 Apr 2017

Solid-state electrolytes and the quest for a safer battery

2016 was the year of Li-ion batteries' silver jubilee, a coming of age that has not been hassle-free, as Samsung's Firegate showed us. This year might mark the first significant switch to new materials in the electrolyte compartment, with both large and small companies trying to bring inorganic and polymer electrolytes to commercial fruition.
20 Mar 2017


Dr Lorenzo Grande spoke to Thierry Baert and Thomas Mathivet from Solvay. They are expanding their battery material portfolio by developing gel polymer electrolytes that are based on their proprietary PVDF binders.
3 Nov 2016

Solid-state batteries to the rescue - better, longer-lasting

In 2016, Li-ion batteries celebrated their silver jubilee, i.e. they have been on the market, virtually unchanged, for the last 25 years. While this anniversary marks and underscores their worldwide success and diffusion in consumer electronics and, more recently, electric vehicles, the underlying technology begins to show its limitations in terms of safety, performance, form factor, and cost.
2 Nov 2016

Inorganic and polymer electrolytes: what chemistries are out there

In this article, analyst Lorenzo Grande looks at the available chemistries both in terms of inorganic and polymer electrolytes, with mentions of which company is working on which technology. A watch list is also provided that includes companies worth keeping an eye on in the solid battery space.
6 Jun 2016

Hydro Quebec

Hydro Quebec is a Canadian company developing lithium metal sheets for lithium metal batteries. They can manufacture said sheets down to 20 micron thickness.
3 Jun 2016

Blue Solutions

Blue Solutions is a French company that produces Li-ion batteries that employ a lithium metal anode and a polymer electrolyte. These rechargeable batteries are used in Bolloré's Bluecar, an electric microcar with a 250 km driving range.
14 Dec 2015

Citroen announces electric e-Mehari

The E-MEHARI features advanced technology. It is an all-electric vehicle with battery technology based on the expertise of France's Bolloré Group.
9 Jun 2015

€9.8 million for deploying graphene ultracapacitors

Skeleton Technologies plans to use the funds for ramping up production of their graphene-based ultracapacitors to meet the strong demand for electrical engineering applications.
10 Sep 2014

Renault and Bollore form electric vehicle partnership

Renault and Bolloré are joining forces to promote electric vehicles (EVs) as part of three agreements relating to industrial cooperation, the founding of a joint-venture to sell EV car sharing solutions and a feasibility study on the development of a specific new Renault vehicle for car-sharing plans.
14 Jul 2014

Supercapacitors for electric vehicles are gaining traction

The replacement of batteries means grabbing a chunk of the lithium-ion battery market in particular but also inroads into lead-acid and nickel metal hydride territory.
6 Feb 2014

EV Supercapacitors: Gaining Traction in a World of Batteries

29 Oct 2013

Bollore says Blue Solutions share offer oversubscribed

Blue Solutions, the battery company being listed by Vincent Bollore, has already filled the order book for its upcoming share sale, the French industrialist said on Wednesday.
4 Oct 2013

Supercapacitors increase range of electric vehicles

Supercapacitors are increasing the range of electric vehicles in several ways and by doing so they are hugely increasing the addressable market for those vehicles. Typically, they last for the life of the vehicle regardless of how many cycles are endured.