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BP is one of the world's largest petroleum and petrochemicals companies. Its main activities are exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas; oil refining, marketing and transportation; gas marketing and power generation; and the production and marketing of petrochemicals. The company also manufactures and sells photo voltaic panels for solar power generation and is actively looking at other forms of renewable energy, particularly hydrogen fuel cell technology.
BP has major operations in Europe, the USA, Australasia and parts of Africa and is expanding its presence in other areas - notably China, South East Asia, South America and Eastern Europe.
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28 Jul 2020

Solid-State Batteries Will Create a $6 Billion Market in 2030

Solid-state batteries keep on attracting tremendous attention and investment with the maturing technologies and closeness to mass production.
27 Jul 2020


IDTechEx Analyst Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh interviews Avanzare CEO Julio Gomez
8 May 2020

Charging infrastructure: the key for electric vehicle take-off

Global plug-in electric vehicle (EV) population reached 7.5 million units (including light commercial vehicles) by the end of 2019.
4 May 2020


Kebotix combines an artificial intelligence core with robotic synthesis and characterization in a self-driving laboratory that aims on the discovery of new chemicals and materials. IDTechEx interviewed their CEO (Dr Jill Becker) and Chief Product Officer (Dr Christoph Kreisbeck).
30 Mar 2020

BP Chargemaster

BP ChargeMaster is an electric vehicle charging solution provider that supplies charging units for residential, commercial and public uses and operates one of UK's largest public charging network.
28 Feb 2020

StoreDot Appoints Tzemah Kislev as VP Engineering

StoreDot has appointed Tzemah Kislev to the newly created role of Vice President of Engineering.
19 Feb 2020

The Potential of Robotics in the Oil and Gas Industry

Aker BP and Cognite announced a strategic initiative to explore how robotics systems can be used to make offshore operations safer, more efficient and more sustainable.
13 Feb 2020

GT Cardio

IDTechEx met with the team from GT Cardio at their booth at CES 2020's Eureka Park. We discussed their products, and in particular their new watch and clip products which they are using to measure blood pressure.
3 Dec 2019


Charmcare is a medical device company based in Seoul, South Korea. It was founded in 2004 and has been developing wearable accessories for vital sign monitoring since 2014.
12 Aug 2019


IDTechEx spoke to Matthieu Letombe, CEO of Withings. It is a health accessory company committed to developing the next generation of smart health solutions.
17 Jan 2019

Ground Control offer new lease hire option with partner ChargePoint

Ground Control has now unveiled a lease hire option for the supply and installation of ChargePoint charging units, continuing their support of the electric vehicle network.
21 Aug 2018

Ground Control appoint Andy Gray, launch new EV charging service

Ground Control appoint Andy Gray to lead the launch of new market-leading electric vehicle charging service
14 Aug 2018

Brett Martin and Lightsource BP form a solar energy partnership

Brett Martin, one of Northern Ireland's most successful independent manufacturing companies announced that they are now procuring renewable electricity from a solar installation funded and developed by Lightsource BP, a global leader in the solar industry.
6 Jun 2018

VivoWatch analyses blood pressure

A wearable blood-pressure monitor equipped with ASUS HealthAI technology that analyzes the wearer's blood pressure measurements and daily lifestyle habits to provide recommendations for controlling blood pressure.
7 May 2018

Crawling and flying robots for the offshore oil industry

Until now, offshore operators have conducted diligent inspections of facilities while clad in safety harnesses hanging off the side of an oil and gas platform. But, the latest technology is providing better solutions on BP's Thunder Horse platform in the Gulf of Mexico - allowing crawlers and flying robots to complete these tasks instead.
26 Apr 2018

Electrics for Renewables Reinvented at ICREN Barcelona

IDTechEx is attending the International Renewable Energy Conference (ICREN) in Barcelona this week. This article reports on their findings from the first day keynotes.
31 Jan 2018

BP installing electric vehicle chargers in UK forecourts

BP announced that its venturing business has invested $5 million in FreeWire Technologies Inc, a US-based manufacturer of mobile electric vehicle rapid charging systems, and plans to roll out FreeWire's Mobi Charger units for use at selected BP retail sites in the UK and Europe during 2018.
23 Jan 2018


TytoCare, a subsidiary of Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc. have developed a handheld device to perform a variety of examinations for remote diagnosis. The solution serves patients, health organizations and physicians/doctors/nurses.
21 Dec 2017

Lightsource co-founder, Vicente Lopez Ibor Mayor, steps down

Under the Chairmanship of Vicente Lopez Ibor Mayor, Lightsource has in seven short years grown from being a start-up with six employees to the largest solar energy company in Europe.
7 Jul 2017


TISICS are manufacturers of silicon carbide monofilaments and MMC parts. IDTechEx technology analyst Dr Richard Collins interviewed Stephen Kyle-Henney (Managing Director).