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30 Dec 2021

Engineers Bring a Soft Touch to Commercial Robotics

Inspired by the natural dexterity of the human hand, a team of engineers has created a reconfigurable hybrid robotics system that is able to grip a variety of objects: from the small, soft and delicate to the large, heavy and bulky. This technology is expected to impact a range of industries, involving food assembly, vertical farming and fast-moving consumer goods packaging, which will progressively automate more of their operations in the coming years.
11 Oct 2021

Quiet, Solar-Powered Bikes an Effective Tool Against Poaching

For years, poaching has had devastating consequences for all wildlife. In some instances, it's the primary reason why many species now face the risk of extinction. Anti-poaching teams have used dirt bikes for patrolling, as it's considered the fastest and most agile vessel to use in the wild. However, these bikes run on fuel, a scarce resource in the region that is expensive to transport in the remote areas. The combustion engine bikes also alert illegal poachers miles away with their noisy engines, failing to meet their core purpose: to save endangered species from extinction.
20 Aug 2021

Inflatable Robotic Hand Gives Amputees Real Time Tactile Control

Prosthetic enables a wide range of daily activities, such as zipping a suitcase, shaking hands, and petting a cat.
29 Jun 2021

Face Masks That can Diagnose COVID-19

Most people associate the term "wearable" with a fitness tracker, smartwatch, or wireless earbuds. But what if you could wear cutting-edge biotechnology in your clothing, and it could warn you when you were exposed to something dangerous?
11 Jun 2021

Manufacturing of Nano-Based Energy Storage Material Begins

NAWA Technologies has hit a significant milestone with the start of manufacturing of its revolutionary Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotube material.
11 Feb 2021

Silicon Anode Structure Generates Potential for Li-Ion Batteries

New research has identified a specific building block that improves the anode in lithium-ion batteries. The unique properties of the structure was built using nanoparticle technology,.
10 Feb 2021

New Approach Yields Highly Customisable Bioelectronics

Bringing together soft, malleable living cells with hard, inflexible electronics can be a difficult task. Researchers have developed a new method to face this challenge by utilizing microscopic structures to build up bioelectronics rather than creating them from the top down—creating a highly customizable product.
11 Dec 2020

Flexible Hybrid Electronics Requires New Component Attachment Material

Despite the promise of and the commercial interest in FHE, some technological challenges remain. One of the most important is developing the ability to robustly attach mounted components to flexible substrates, given the substantial difference in mechanical and thermal properties.
10 Dec 2020

Octopus Energy's Electric Juice Network Hailed as 'Best EV Innovation'

Entech 'unicorn' Octopus Energy has been awarded the 'Best EV innovation' award at the Driving Electric awards for its simplified EV charging system, the Electric Juice Network.
10 Sep 2020

The Missing Block to Build an All-Renewable Electric Grid

A new type of thermal storage material, housed in blocks like LEGO, could see coal-fired power stations converted to run entirely fossil-fuel free.
27 May 2020

Solar Sails Made of Graphene Could Journey to Other Star Systems

A tiny sail made of the thinnest material known - one carbon-atom-thick graphene - has passed initial tests designed to show that it could be a viable material to make solar sails for spacecraft.
2 Dec 2019

Building a Better Battery with Machine Learning

Designing the best molecular building blocks for battery components is like trying to create a recipe for a new kind of cake, when you have billions of potential ingredients. The challenge involves determining which ingredients work best together — or, more simply, produce an edible (or, in the case of batteries, a safe) product.
23 Sep 2019

SEEIT to acquire 125 MW cogeneration portfolio in Spain for 64 m Euro

SDCL Energy Efficiency Income Trust plc, the first UK-listed investment company of its kind to invest exclusively in the energy efficiency sector, has agreed to acquire a portfolio of cogeneration assets in Spain for a total cash consideration of approximately €64 million.
26 Jul 2019

Transplant recipients may soon have a test for organ rejection

To help prevent organ rejection, transplant recipients could receive drug cocktails personalised to their own immune systems if a new test, which has passed early trials, is successful. And new methods for scrubbing animal tissue could enable humans to benefit from other species' organs in the future.
18 Jan 2019

Winning Strategy for EV Electric Motors

The electric vehicle business will grow rapidly to over $1.5 billion in 2029, with the largest percentage being batteries. However, that percentage will peak with cost reduction and some being replaced by supercapacitors.
17 Jan 2019

SABIC acquires majority stake in carbon nanotube business

SABIC announced that it has taken a majority stake in Black Diamond Structures, a nanotechnology company established in 2014. BDS produces and commercializes MOLECULAR REBAR®, a proprietary technology of modified carbon nanotubes that offers great potential for enhancing the performance of energy storage applications using lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries.
5 Dec 2018

Lasers could take 3D printing to next level

Cars that go more than 1,000 miles on a single fill-up and smartphones that can run for days without recharging are among the possibilities that could come out of a new research project that brings together 3D printing and laser processing.
30 Nov 2018

Breakthroughs in 3D printing Kapton, the ultimate polymer

Researchers have developed a new process to 3D print one of the most-desired materials in the electronics and aerospace industries.
4 Nov 2018


Geek+ is a warehouse and logistics robot manufacturer and service provider. It started operations in late 2015.
23 Oct 2018

Glow-in-the-dark paper as a rapid test for infectious diseases

Researchers present a practicable and reliable way to test for infectious diseases. All you need are a special glowing paper strip, a drop of blood and a digital camera.