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Chinese Academy of Sciences
31 Dec

Thin Films with Tantalizing Properties

Scientists have created thin films made from barium zirconium sulfide and confirmed that the materials have alluring electronic and optical properties predicted by theorists.
30 Dec

First Images of an 'Upgraded' CRISPR Tool

Scientists have captured the first images of a new gene editing tool that could improve upon existing CRISPR-based tools. The team developed the tool, called INTEGRATE, after discovering a unique "jumping gene" in Vibrio cholerae bacteria that could insert large genetic payloads in the genome without introducing DNA breaks.
19 Dec

SananBio US

SananBio is a Chinese-American horticultural lighting company that supplies the vertical farming industry. In December 2019, IDTechEx Analyst Dr Michael Dent spoke with George Carter III from SananBio US about the company's RADIX hardware for vertical farming.
18 Dec

Freestanding Microwire-Array Enables Flexible Solar Window

TSCs are emerging devices that combine the advantages of visible transparency and light-to-electricity conversion. One of the valuable prospective applications of such devices is their integration into buildings, vehicles, or portable electronics.
12 Dec


Stereotaxis develops robotic cardiology instrument navigation systems for performing endovascular procedures (such as catheter ablation) for the treatment of arrhythmias.
5 Dec


IDTechEx analyst Nadia Tsao interviewed Vivolight's International Sales Representative Johnny Jiang.
13 Nov

Drone Designed to Inspect Skyscrapers

Skyscrapers are rising rapidly around the world, continuously transforming city skylines. However, their repair and maintenance is becoming more and more difficult. So, who can safely perform the job?
6 Nov


OSIGHT offer lidar modules. The company have launched several 2D lidar products and one 3D lidar product.
5 Nov


iLidar offer lidar modules.
3 Oct

New CRISPR class expands genetic engineering toolbox

Biomedical engineers have used a previously unexplored CRISPR technology to accurately regulate and edit genomes in human cells.
30 Sep

Alibaba unveils its own AI chip

Alibaba Group plans to launch its first self-developed AI inference chip, which has potential for use in autonomous driving, smart cities and smart logistics. In addition to this, the Academy will boost its R&D in AI chips for training on the cloud and for IOT applications.
25 Sep

Novel biophotovoltaics system

Researchers have reported a novel biophotovoltaics system based on a synthetic microbial consortium with constrained electron flow. This BPV system can stably operate for more than 40 days, setting a new BPV longevity milestone.
18 Sep

Welcome indoors, solar cells

Swedish and Chinese scientists have developed organic solar cells optimised to convert ambient indoor light to electricity. The power they produce is low, but is probably enough to feed the millions of products that the internet of things will bring online.
9 Sep

Using CRISPR to program gels with new functions

The CRISPR genome-editing system is best-known for its potential to correct disease-causing mutations and add new genes into living cells. Now, researchers have deployed CRISPR for a completely different purpose: creating novel materials, such as gels, that can change their properties when they encounter specific DNA sequences.
23 Aug

Revolutionising the CRISPR method

Everyone's talking about CRISPR-Cas. This biotechnological method offers a relatively quick and easy way to manipulate single genes in cells, meaning they can be precisely deleted, replaced or modified.
16 Aug

Robotic jellyfish able to perform 3D jet propulsion and maneuvers

As a source of inspiration, aquatic creatures such as fish, cetaceans, and jellyfish could inspire innovative designs to improve the ways that manmade systems operate in and interact with aquatic environments. Jellyfishes in nature propel themselves through their surroundings by radially expanding and contracting their bell-shaped bodies to push water behind them, which is called jet propulsion.
15 Aug

Chameleon-inspired soft robot can interact with environment

A novel structural color soft robot with both color-changing and locomotion capabilities has been developed by a research team.
17 Jul

High-safety, flexible and scalable rechargeable planar micro-batteries

Increasing development of micro-scale electronics has stimulated demand of the corresponding micro-scale power sources, especially for micro-batteries. However, complex manufacturing process and poor flexibility of the traditional stacked batteries have hindered their practical applications.
16 Jul

Tiny nanocrystals create 'brighter' future for TV viewers

Researchers have discovered tiny 'greener' nanocrystals that can be manipulated to produce high-quality pictures and lighting in electronic devices such as televisions.
17 Jun

New record: 3D-printed optical-electronic integration

Optoelectronic integration offers a promising strategy to simultaneously obtain the merits of electrons and photons when they serve as information carriers, including high-density communication and high-speed information processing, paving the way for the next-generation integrated circuits. (