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Compound Semiconductor is the only print magazine serving the III-V and II-VI industry. It has a global circulation (BPA audited) in established, growing and emerging areas of the market. Our subscribers meet our strict terms of control so that we can guarantee you the best route to reach your target customer. Compound Semiconductor delivers unrivalled coverage of GaAs and III-V integrated circuits, LEDs, photovoltaics, telecom components and wide-bandgap semiconductors, and it is a must-read publication for anyone working in this industry. There will be eight issues published in 2009, plus three supplements and an enhanced version of the annual Buyer's Guide.
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19 Jan 2021

CPI Joins Consortium on Quantum Sensors for End of Line Battery Tests

CPI announced its participation in a collaborative project - termed the Quantum Sensors project - to develop sensors for revolutionising quality assessment and battery grading in the manufacturing line. This project will advance electric vehicle battery manufacturing in the UK and overcome cost barriers to enable the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.
19 Oct 2020

New York Recognizes & Valorizes Hydropower as Renewable Energy Source

In a landmark decision today, the New York Department of Public Service recognizes and valorizes hydropower as a clean and renewable energy source.
4 Sep 2020


Flisom describes its flexible solar panels as customizable currently, meaning made to customer formats in their factory, developed in the Empa Photovoltaics Laboratory.
2 Jul 2020

Emerging Photovoltaics: Materials Opportunity in New $38Bn Market

The new IDTechEx report, "Materials Opportunities in Emerging Photovoltaics 2020-2040", is based on interviews by multi-lingual, PhD level IDTechEx analysts across the world and 20 years tracking the research and applications. They predict $38 billion dollars in 2040 without colliding with the silicon-in-glass "power station" business. There will be many opportunities for premium pricing of its new specialist materials.
28 May 2020

Toyota (2020)

Senior Technology Analyst Luke Gear provides an overview of the latest electric vehicle developments from Toyota. Where is the company headed?
22 May 2020


Lightricity is a niche photovoltaic start up, spun off from SHARP Laboratories of Europe in the UK. They focus on indoors where their technology has an exceptional 30% efficiency there, particularly under white LED and Fluorescent lighting.
9 Dec 2019

Groundbreaking Way to Additively Print Gallium Nitride

The rise of additive manufacturing - or as it's more commonly known, 3D printing - has enabled the rapid production of complex parts across many domains. As the techniques have become more refined, the semiconductor industry has taken note. But until recently, no one's been able to form single-crystal materials - the building block of semiconductors - with traditional additive manufacturing processes.
13 Jan 2017

Carbonics introduces first ZEBRA carbon-on-silicon solution

Carbonics, Inc has launched its ZEBRA carbon-on-silicon technology for radio frequency components and devices in the rapidly expanding wireless, communications, defense and aerospace markets.
6 Jul 2015

High-efficiency and high-stability SiC power transistor

Sumitomo Electric has developed a power transistor of an original structure consisting of silicon carbide which is seen as a next-generation power semiconductor.
4 Mar 2014

CIGS photovoltaic pilot production facility in South Africa

Photovoltaic Technology Intellectual Property (Pty) Limited (PTiP) will officially launch the successful commissioning of its pilot production line for the manufacturing of CIGS thin-film solar modules.
3 May 2013

Nanowires grown on graphene have surprising structure

When a team of University of Illinois engineers set out to grow nanowires of a compound semiconductor on top of a sheet of graphene, they did not expect to discover a new paradigm of epitaxy.
24 Oct 2012

Brewer Science new-generation debonder

Brewer Science is introducing a new and improved thermal slide debonder that enables high-temperature slide-off of thinned compound semiconductor substrates in a research and development or low-volume production environment.
9 Dec 2009

Imec presents new GaN-on-Si architecture

At this weeks International Electron Devices Meeting, the nanoelectronics research center imec presents an innovative, simple and robust GaN-on-Si double heterostructure FET (field effect transistor) architecture for GaN-on-Si power switching devices.
16 Nov 2009

Dow and Caltech's next generation photovoltaics research initiative

The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE:DOW) and the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) announced that they had recently signed a multi-year research collaboration that is strategic to both organizations' interests in solar energy.
18 May 2009

MEMS energy harvesting devices report

Yole Développement in France has released a report dedicated to MEMS energy harvesting devices.
4 Aug 2008

Silicon chip chemicals become a bridge to printing

Before the 1990s, silicon chip technology employed only six elements according to IBM but today we see a huge variety of compounds, alloys, solvents and dopants brought to bear.
14 May 2008

The key to low-cost solar cells: Is it thinner than a human hair?

One of the biggest obstacles to widespread use of solar cells as a clean source of energy is cost.
16 Nov 2007

Clear future for transparent electronics

Inorganic semiconductor technologies with conventional patterning offer immediate solutions, according to Kodak, which offers Chemical Vapor Deposition CVD to make it happen.