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16 Oct 2020

Self-Driving Laboratories: A Reality Waiting to Happen

Imagine a situation where, given a request, a lab automatically chooses what experiments to do, robotically carries this out, tracks the reaction with integrated sensors, acquires and analyzes the results, and then decides what experiment to do next. This seems like science-fiction, but certain truths may be closer than you think.
30 Sep 2020

Molecular Rebar Design LLC

Molecular Rebar Design LLC enable the functionalization and integration of carbon nanotubes for various applications. IDTechEx spoke with Dr Clive Bosnyak (CTO and Co-founder).
30 Sep 2020


Prophesee has developed hardware and associated software for event-based vision sensors that is based on how the human eye records and interprets visual inputs. The sensors facilitate machine vision by recording changes in the scene rather than recording the entire scene at regular intervals. Advantages include better low light response (<1 lux) and dynamic range (>143dB), reduced data generation (10-1000x less than conventional approaches) leading to lower transfer/processing requirements, and higher temporal resolution (microsecond time resolution, i.e. >10k images per second time resolution equivalent)
22 Sep 2020

PV Nano Cell

PV Nano Cell offer conductive inks based on metal nanocrystals, along with inkjet printing equipment. This enables them to offer an integrated solution, removing the burden of process optimization from the customer.
17 Sep 2020


Beamlet leverages advanced algorithms to unlock high performance with low cost components, enabling the first affordable, reliable, and long range coherent LiDAR for the auto and drone markets.
17 Sep 2020

Photovoltaics that can be Applied like Paint

Researchers have successfully developed a high-efficiency large-area organic solution processable solar cell by controlling the speed at which the solution of raw materials for solar cells became solidified after being coated.
4 Sep 2020


Flisom describes its flexible solar panels as customizable currently, meaning made to customer formats in their factory, developed in the Empa Photovoltaics Laboratory.
1 Sep 2020


SmartKem offers a portfolio of materials for organic thin film transistors. The main target application is flexible display backplanes, including OLEDs, LCDs and EPDs. In August 2020 they announced they had developed a prototype that applied their flexible backplane to an array of miniLEDs with a target applications of full area local dimming (FALD) of LCDs.
25 Aug 2020


Nanolumi is an early stage company located in Singapore that develops color enhancement films and color conversion inks based on perovskite quantum dots. These products are targeted at improving the color gamut, brightness and energy efficiency of backlit displays.
19 Aug 2020


Scrona is an early stage Swiss company that has developed a micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) that enables very high resolution (<1 um) electrohydrodynamic printing via 1000s of independently controllable nozzles simultaneously. This exciting technology breaks the current trade-off between printing speed and resolution.
17 Aug 2020


Nano-C is an American that produce fullerenes, fullerene derivatives and carbon nanotubes in commercial quantities. They have commercialized a combustion synthesis for structured carbon approach originally developed at MIT.
17 Aug 2020

Cypris Materials

Cypris Materials is an early stage company from California. They are commercializing a new method of printing colored inks that relies on co-polymers that self-assemble to create structural color rather than using dyes or pigments.
14 Aug 2020


NthDegree creates printed lighting from inorganic microLEDs that are suspended in ink. The LEDs and associated conductive and dielectric layers deposited via R2R flexographic printing.
11 Aug 2020


CareWare have developed wearable, wireless LED light patches aimed at therapeutic non-medical applications. They utilize the printed LED technology from NthDegree, enabling the lighting element to be thin, light weight and disposable.
10 Aug 2020


Terecirucits has developed a photo-polymer mass transfer process, which can pickup and selectively place small SMD components such as micro-LEDs. IDTechEx spoke to Wayne Rickard from Terecircuits at SID Display Week 2020.
21 Jul 2020


Ynvisible is a developer and manufacturer of printed electrochromic displays and the associated printed circuitry. They have an R2R manufacturing facility for printed electronics, which they use for both their own products and through partnerships with other companies.
13 Jul 2020

Liquid X

Liquid X manufacture particle-free conductive inks and offer product development that utilizes these inks. Their target markets are primarily automotive, medical, sports/fitness and other consumer markets with a focus on smart textile and EMI shielding products.
6 Jul 2020


InssTek is a producer of directed energy deposition (DED) metal additive manufacturing printers. IDTechEx received the latest information on their company, new developments, and outlook from Kyung Won Park (Assistant Manager).
6 Jul 2020

Norsk Titanium

Norsk Titanium primarily provide 3D printed titanium parts to Tier 1 suppliers and OEMs in the aerospace industry.
24 Jun 2020


Inkbit uses machine vision and machine learning to deliver a multi-material jetting platform with the speed, precision and materials required by industrial applications. IDTechEx spoke with Dr Davide Marini (CEO).