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28 Jun 2022


Sustaera is a United States-based direct air capture technology start-up utilizing alkali-based sorbent materials and renewable electricity to capture carbon dioxide from the air. In May 2022, IDTechEx Technology Analyst Dr Hydra Rodrigues spoke with Sudarshan Gupta, Vice-President of Commercialization at Sustaera.
28 Jun 2022

Development of Large Area, Organic Solar Cell Printing Technology

Solar cell technology is a prominent clean energy source. In particular, organic solar cells, part of the third generation of solar cells, are gaining attention as a core technology for urban solar ray energy generation as they can be printed and applied to exterior walls or glass windows of buildings. However, the photoactive area that absorbs sunlight and converts it to electricity remains significantly smaller than 0.1 cm². Additionally, commercialization is obstructed by performance and reproducibility problems that occur when expanding the cell area to several m2 where practical energy supply levels are available.
24 Jun 2022

MITO Material Solutions

MITO Material Solutions is a start-up specializing in functionalizing graphene oxide. IDTechEx spoke with Haley Marie Keith (Founder and CEO).
23 Jun 2022


Biomensio is an early stage Finnish company that has developed an innovative mobile biosensing technology, based on an array of quartz-crystal microbalances functionalized with bio-receptors. IDTechEx caught up with Biomensio at the PRINSE'22 conference.
22 Jun 2022

DP Patterning

DP Patterning is an early-stage Swedish company that has developed an innovative method of patterning the copper on flexible PCBs. Its 'dry phase' method aims to disrupt the established etching approach, offering substantial cost savings and sustainability benefits.
13 Jun 2022

New Cable Corporation

New Cable Corporation has developed flat cables based on etched copper on flexible substrates, produced via continuous roll-to-roll manufacturing. IDTechEx caught up with CDO Antti Backman at the PRINSE'22 conference.
9 Jun 2022


Levidian specialize in the production of graphene and hydrogen using microwave technology. IDTechEx spoke with Rebecca Zeitlin (Marketing Director) and Guy Downie (Director of Sales and Business Development).
7 Jun 2022

Yutong Bus

Yutong Bus are a leading manufacturer of buses and electric buses, with notable developments in autonomous driving technology in recent years.
1 Jun 2022


Grafoid are a Canadian company focused on the research, development, and investment of graphene solutions.
26 May 2022


Senorics is an early-stage German company that has produced miniaturized spectrometers based on organic electronics. These are targeted at consumer applications such as robotic vacuum cleaners.
26 May 2022


HydroGraph is a Kansas, US, start-up producing graphene via detonation chambers. IDTechEx spoke with Dr Ranjith Divigalpitiya, Chief Scientific Officer at HydroGraph.
19 May 2022


Kymeta are a US-based metamaterial satellite antenna company with a focus on broadband satellite connectivity.
13 May 2022

Cubic Sensor and Instrument Co., Ltd.

Cubic is a major gas sensor manufacturer in China.
29 Apr 2022

Advanced Material Development

Tess Skyrme, Analyst at IDTechEx, interviewed Dr Richard Lee, CCO, and Tom Barlow, Business Development Manager, to get an update from early-stage company, Advanced Material Development, specifically on their innovations in 2D nano-materials, with applications including gas sensing, electronics, composites, photonics, and anti-counterfeiting.
25 Apr 2022

Tanvas — Haptics to Simulate Surface Texture

Tanvas, headquartered in Chicago, is currently focused on implementing haptic feedback on touchscreens. Unlike vibration, we have seen much on smartphones; Tanvas uses electrostatics to control friction, simulate the surface texture, and create virtual touch.
19 Apr 2022

Smart-Ship: Maritime Haptic Levers

IDTechEx had an interview with Brent Kok, Co-founder and CFO of Smart-Ship. Smart-Ship, based in Delft, the Netherlands, is a start-up founded in September 2018, currently focused on implementing haptic feedback in maritime control.
11 Apr 2022

Echion Technologies

Echion Technologies are a UK start-up developing mixed niobium oxide anodes for high power, long life Li-ion batteries.
8 Apr 2022


VSParticle is an early-stage Dutch company that has developed a method of producing and depositing pure metal nanoparticles by spark ablation. This has multiple applications including gas sensors and catalysts. IDTechEx caught up with VSParticle at LOPEC 2022.
4 Apr 2022


Ybrain are a South Korea-based company focused on brain healthcare. They're aiming to commercialise technology to build a mental healthcare platform and want to provide accessible, effective treatment to treat brain disorders.
25 Mar 2022


Glassomer is a German start-up using glass resins for 3D printing and injection molding for the fabrication of complex shaped glass components. IDTechEx spoke with CSO Frederik Kotz-Helmer.