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Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology
21 Jul 2021

Building a Multifunctional Pressure Sensor Using 3D Printing

The treatment of many medical issues like abnormal gait and muscular disorders require an accurate sensing of applied pressure. In this regard, flexible pressure sensors that are simple, lightweight, and low-cost, have garnered considerable attention. These sensors are designed and manufactured through 3D printing using conductive polymer composites as their building blocks.
25 May 2020

Riddled With Holes: Making Flexible Thin-Film Electronics More Durable

The prospect of the widespread commercialization and application of flexible electronics has kept researchers worldwide searching for ingenious ways to enhance their performance and durability. From wearable smart devices to solar cells and health sensors, flexible electronics holds much promise in many engineering fields. Unfortunately, flexible devices are usually as fragile as they look; mechanical deformations, such as bending, can induce the formation and propagation of microscopic cracks that ultimately cause devices to fail.
2 Apr 2020

Textile Fibre-Embedded Multiluminescent Device for Wearables

Researchers have developed a new structure of luminescence technology. This will enable the production of light-emitting elements that overcome the limitations of existing methods, expecting to greatly help improve the efficiency of light-emitting elements used in various ways such as billboards and banners.
24 Jan 2020

3D Printed Microscaffold Cochlear Implant

Scientists developed a 3D-microscaffold cochlear implant for steroid elution. For the first time, scientists combined a highly precise, porous 3D printed steroid reservoir with a 2D MEMS-based electrode array to fabricate a novel cochlear implant. This implant is designed to reduce the damage of residual hearing against electrode insertion trauma.
20 Jan 2020

A Breath of Fresh Air for Longer-Running Batteries

Researchers are improving the performance of lithium-air batteries, bringing us closer to electric cars that can use oxygen to run longer before they need to recharge.
20 Feb 2019

Sustainable electronics manufacturing breakthrough

Researchers are developing an eco-friendly, 3D printable solution for producing wireless Internet-of-Things (IoT) sensors that can be used and disposed of without contaminating the environment.
24 Aug 2017

Electronic skin takes wearable health monitors to the next level

A new, electronic skin microsystem tracks heart rate, respiration, muscle movement and other health data, and wirelessly transmits it to a smartphone.