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21 Sep 2022

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Headsets 2023-2033: Technologies, Players, and Markets

IDTechEx Report: Sam Dale
20 Sep 2022


DigiLens is a major innovator in holographic diffractive waveguides that has attracted interest from major investors including Samsung.
16 Jan 2019

LG announces world first rollable OLED TV

LG Electronics is defining the next generation of televisions with the introduction of the world's first rollable OLED TV, with a variable form factor only made possible by the company's industry-leading OLED technology.
9 Mar 2018

OLED TVs incorporate artificial intelligence

With AI functionality embedded in the sets, viewers can speak directly into the remote control to enjoy the ultra-convenient features of the latest advanced voice assistant technology.
25 Jan 2018


ZTE again showed its foldable smart phone at CES 2018, which was launched in 2017
4 Jul 2017

LG unveils world's thinnest hotel TV

LG Electronics has unveiled the LG OLED "Wallpaper" Hotel TV - a unique razor-thin display that becomes one with the wall.
24 Jan 2017

Investment in breakthrough waveguide optics company

DigiLens Inc announced the closing of a $22 million Series B investment round.
4 Jan 2017

Super UHD TV lineup featuring nano cell technology

Employing the most advanced color-enhancing LCD panel technology to date, LG Electronics' SUPER UHD TVs featuring Nano Cell technology are expected to take LCD TV viewing to a whole new level.
15 Jun 2015


Ultrahaptics are a UK startup developing projected ultrasonic haptic actuators. Their solution enables touchless haptic feedback, using arrays of ultrasonic speakers to generate sound wave fields that can be felt by the user.
19 Nov 2014

The Audio Sensation: The Next Frontier for the Internet of Things

Dolby, United States
5 Nov 2014

The Internet of Things and the potential for RFID

RFID was invented seven decades ago, however, 23% of all the RFID tags ever sold were sold in 2013. In 2014, a further 1.12 billion RFID tags will be sold versus the total number of tags sold in 2013.
21 Oct 2014

The Internet of Things: Who will be the winners?

The Internet of Things is of great excitement to many of the world's largest consumer electronics companies because they seek the "next big thing", with existing markets in smart phones, tablets and computing saturating.
1 Feb 2011

Sony to unveil two professional OLED monitors

Sony plans to unveil two professional OLED monitors aimed at the CRT replacement market, at the Hollywood Post Alliance Tech Retreat, 14-18 February in Palm Springs, California. Carolyn Giardina reports.