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Institution: ETH Zurich has come to symbolise excellent education, groundbreaking basic research and applied results that are beneficial for society as a whole. Founded in 1855, it today offers researchers an inspiring environment and students a comprehensive education as one of the leading international universities for technology and the natural sciences. ETH Zurich has more than 16,000 students from approximately 80 countries, 3,500 of whom are doctoral candidates. More than 400 professors teach and conduct research in the areas of engineering, architecture, mathematics, natural sciences, system-oriented sciences, and management and social sciences. ETH Zurich regularly appears at the top of international rankings as one of the best universities in the world. 21 Nobel Laureates have studied, taught or conducted research at ETH Zurich, underlining the excellent reputation of the institute.
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ETH Zurich
26 Apr 2022

Automated Analysis of Animal Behaviour

Researchers have developed a new method that uses artificial intelligence to analyse animal behaviour. This opens the door to longer-​term in-​depth studies in the field of behavioural science - while also helping to improve animal welfare. The method is already being tested at Zurich Zoo.
12 Apr 2022

Wearable Device Plays Specific Sounds to Enhance Deep Sleep

Researchers have developed a wearable device that plays specific sounds to enhance deep sleep. The first clinical study has now shown that the device is effective, but not at the same level of effectiveness for everyone.
1 Apr 2022


Nanoleq is an early-stage company developing both components and integrated solutions for e-textiles. It is about to announce its first integrated product to monitor and guide breathing for meditation/sleep health. IDTechEx caught up with CEO Vincent Martinez
17 Feb 2022

Applying The Butterfly Principle for 3D Printing, Colour Screens

Researchers have created artificial colours by 3D printing certain nanostructures inspired by those of a butterfly. This principle can be used in the future to produce colour screens.
19 Jan 2022


Manufacturer of temperature, humidity and gas sensors for the automotive industry, medical technology, building technology, industrial processes and consumer goods.
17 Jan 2022


IDTechEx had an interview with Dr. Péter Fankhauser, co-founder and CEO of ANYbotics, and Cheila Marques, Marketing & Communications Manager at ANYbotics. As a spin-off from ETH Zurich with the goal to commercialize the technology behind the quadrupedal (four-legged) robot ANYmal, ANYbotics was founded in 2016, at which point their robot was already well into development based on the founders' work at ETH Zurich.
1 Dec 2021


Exaddon is a metal microscale additive manufacturing company based in Switzerland. IDTechEx spoke to Edward White, Marketing Manager at Exaddon.
16 Nov 2021


Synhelion SA is a Swiss cleantech developing synthetic fuels (gasoline, diesel, jet fuel) from concentrated solar heat, water, and carbon dioxide. In October 2021, IDTechEx technology analyst Dr. Hydra Rodrigues spoke to Carmen Murer, Head of Corporate Communication at Synhelion.
5 Nov 2021

Producing Carbon-Neutral Transportation Fuels From Sunlight and Air

Researchers have developed the process technology that can produce carbon-​neutral transportation fuels from sunlight and air. Now they demonstrate the stable and reliable operation of the solar mini-​refinery under real on-​sun conditions. And they show a way to introduce solar fuels to the market without additional carbon taxes.
30 Jul 2021

First 3D Printed and Unreinforced Concrete Bridge

3D printing can be used to build load-​bearing concrete structures that require significantly less material and no steel reinforcement or mortar. Architects and engineers have showed how this works with a footbridge in Venice.
10 May 2021

A Material Keyboard Made of Graphene

Researchers have succeeded in turning specially prepared graphene flakes either into insulators or into superconductors by applying an electric voltage. This technique even works locally, meaning that in the same graphene flake regions with completely different physical properties can be realized side by side.
17 Mar 2021

Energy Harvesting Smart Floors

Researchers have made wood compressible and turned it into a micro-generator. When it is loaded, an electrical voltage is generated. In this way, the wood can serve as a bio-sensor - or generate usable energy. The latest highlight: To ensure that the process does not require aggressive chemicals, naturally occurring wood-degrading fungi take over the task of modifying the wood.
17 Feb 2021

A Magnetic Twist to Graphene

Structures made of rotated, ultra-thin materials provide a rich solid-state platform for designing novel devices. In particular, slightly twisted graphene layers have recently been shown to have exciting unconventional properties, that can ultimately lead to a new family of materials for quantum technologies.
9 Feb 2021

3D Printed Bioresorbable Airway Stent

A research team is using 3D printing to produce a new type of bioresorbable airway stent. This could greatly simplify the future treatment of upper airway obstruction.
19 Jan 2021

6G Communications Market, Devices, Materials 2021-2041

IDTechEx Report: Dr James Edmondson
28 Oct 2020


iniVation offer event-based vision sensors and the associated software. These sensors enable ultra-low response latency, low data rates, high dynamic range, and low power consumption by having pixels asynchronously report whenever they experience a change in light intensity.
26 Oct 2020

Turning Streetwear Into Solar Power Plants

Researchers have succeeded in developing a material that works like a luminescent solar concentrator and can even be applied to textiles. This opens up numerous possibilities for producing energy directly where it is needed, i.e. in the use of everyday electronics.
30 Sep 2020

Wearable Sensors 2021-2031

IDTechEx Report:
19 Aug 2020


Scrona is an early stage Swiss company that has developed a micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) that enables very high resolution (<1 um) electrohydrodynamic printing via 1000s of independently controllable nozzles simultaneously. This exciting technology breaks the current trade-off between printing speed and resolution.
18 May 2020

Electronics Reshaped 2020-2040

IDTechEx Report: