Everspring Global Ltd

Everspring Global Ltd

Everspring Global Limited was found in 2001 and has been the marketing arm and distributor for Thundersky's Power Lithium ion batteries outside China for almost 10 years.
We supply the world largest single cell Lithium ion battery 3.2V 7,000Ah with chemistry LiFeYPO4 produced unparallel cost performance and robustness.
Our Lithium ion battery series are best suit for large electric vehicle and large scale energy storage application. Currently, we have over 1500 customers worldwide.
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Everspring Global Ltd
8 Dec 2010

Single Large Capacity Lithium Ion Cells for EVs

Everspring Global, Hong Kong
4 Nov 2010

Heavy duty electric land vehicles

There are about 250 manufacturers of heavy industrial vehicles worldwide but most do not make EVs. Between them they will make about 700,000 of these vehicles in 2010.
21 Oct 2010

Electric tuk tuks introduced to Europe

Dutch company presents first fully electric version of the Asian Tuk Tuk to the European market
20 Oct 2010

Plug-in hybrid sailboat powered by massive lithium ion battery pack

One of the world's largest plug-in hybrid sailboats, a Tag 60 catamaran, hit the water powered by new E Motion 18 kw motors and a massive lithium ion battery pack from International Battery.
27 Sep 2010

Huge sales opportunities for EVs and their components into East Asia

Those seeking to create multibillion dollar businesses in electric vehicles, their components, intellectual property and services should look at the world's largest market - East Asia. This region of the world purchases about 56% of the global market value of electric vehicles for land, sea and air and it will still be doing that in ten years time. For Western companies to take this huge opportunity seriously they first need to slay six myths.
25 Jun 2010

Here comes China - part five

In 2009, the Chinese Government designated five cities, including Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing, as the test ground for using clean-energy vehicles for public transportation and city trucks and cars, and then added seven more urban centres to that list.