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Evident Thermoelectrics is a leader in thermoelectric solutions for power generation. Our thermoelectric technology allows for energy harvesting by converting small temperature differences into useable electrical power. Founded as Evident Technologies in 2000, our name change reflects our new laser-like focus on thermoelectric markets and products.
Evident Thermoelectrics offers efficient waste heat recovery solutions from low to high temperature ranges for markets that include automotive, industrial, wearable technologies and remote sensors among others. Just about anywhere that there is waste heat, Evident Thermoelectrics can convert it to electricity.
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Evident Technologies Inc
4 Sep 2017

Thermoelectrics: Doors Close; Doors Open

This article covers the challenges companies involved in thermoelectric energy harvesting have faced and possible areas of development in the future.
18 Nov 2015

Waste Heat Recovery Using Thermoelectric

Evident Thermoelectrics, United States
13 Oct 2015

Quantum dots: an expanding market for material suppliers

This article is the first of our series on quantum dots. IDTechEx has been intensively researching the technologies, applications and markets of quantum dots and here we share some of key intelligence, forecasts and insights with our subscribers. This article includes an overview of the technologies, main players, case studies, regulations and lobbying trends, alternatives to Cd-based materials, and segmented market forecasts in Kg.
17 Sep 2015

Exotic new sources of free electricity: $50 billion market

High Power Energy Harvesting (HPEH) is a term beginning to be used for creation of electricity where it is needed using ambient "free" energy. That zero-pollution, high-energy conversion typically captures light (photovoltaics), heat difference (thermoelectrics and heat pumps) and movement (electrodynamics).
3 Sep 2015

Thermoelectric energy harvesting comes center stage

Thermoelectric energy harvesting is no longer the Cinderella of energy harvesting - a subject previously dominated by photovoltaics and electrodynamics such as the bicycle dynamo and the electric vehicle's regenerative braking.
13 Apr 2015

Heat-converting material patents licensed

NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory has licensed patents on high-temperature thermoelectric materials to Evident Technologies, which provides these kinds of materials and related power systems.
16 Mar 2015

Alphabet Energy, Inc.

5 Dec 2014

High-temperature thermoelectric generator for U.S. military

The successful demonstration of a 1,000W TEG designed for diesel engine exhaust heat recapture.
19 Nov 2014

Commercialization of Nanostructured Half-Heusler Thermoelectric Generators

GMZ Energy, United States
13 Nov 2014

GMZ Energy announces self-powered gas boiler

GMZ Energy has announced the successful demonstration of a self-powered gas boiler.
6 Oct 2014

GMZ Energy announces new, high-power thermoelectric module

GMZ Energy has announced the TG16-1.0, a new thermoelectric module capable of producing twice the power of the company's first product, the TG8.
15 Aug 2014

GMZ Energy announces Scott Rackey as Vice President

GMZ Energy has announced the appointment of Scott Rackey as Vice President of Business Development.
12 Aug 2014

Running on waste heat

Researchers have now created a thermoelectric generator (TEG) — a one-square-inch, quarter-inch-thick module — that turns waste heat emitted by vehicles into electricity to lend those vehicles added power.
12 Jun 2014

Testing of 200 watt high temperature thermoelectric generator

GMZ Energy has announced the successful demonstration of a TEG designed for automotive waste heat recapture.
28 May 2014

GMZ Energy appoints Cheryl Diuguid as CEO

GMZ Energy has announced the appointment of Cheryl Diuguid as CEO.
19 May 2014

Marlow Industries Inc

2 Apr 2014

Energy Harvesting using Solid State Thermoelectric High Temperature Power Generation Modules

GMZ Energy, United States
24 Oct 2013

The rise of thermoelectrics

There has been varying levels of interest in different types of energy harvesters over the past few years. For powering small or mobile devices, photovoltaics dominate - they are widely produced, robust and relatively low cost.
31 Aug 2010

Progress with thermoelectric harvesting

At the forthcoming Energy Harvesting USA event in Boston Massachusetts, 16-17 November, Prof Gang Chen of Massachusetts Institute of Technology will talk on "Power from temperature difference: thermoelectric technology for energy harvesting".
30 Jun 2009

Electronic glue promises less expensive semiconductors

Researchers at the University of Chicago and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have developed an "electronic glue" that could accelerate advances in semiconductor-based technologies, including solar cells and thermoelectric devices that convert sun light and waste heat, respectively, into useful electrical energy.