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Fraunhofer IAP develops customer-specific applications in the fields of OLEDs, OPV, OTFT and sensors. The main focus is on synthesis of novel materials with predictable and reproducible properties as well as on device design and manufacture. In a clean room environment several processing techniques are available from spin coating to inkjet printing and high precision slot die coating on a robot controlled S2S manufacturing line with substrate sizes up to 150 x 150 mm². Current issues for the development of OLED, OPV and OTFT go into the design of flexible devices for signage, for security applications and energy harvesting.
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Fraunhofer IAP
9 Jun 2023

Fraunhofer IAP

The Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research (Fraunhofer IAP) recently outlined its work on sintering of printed conductive structures by energy input using microwave irradiation in a webinar. The potential benefit is to enable sintering on thermally fragile substrates.
1 Jun 2023

Additive Electronics

Technology has been spun out from Fraunhofer IAP, and is financially supported by Fraunhofer Ventures.
19 Oct 2021

Fraunhofer IAP

IDTechEx spoke to Dr Yohan Kim, a Research Engineer at Fraunhofer IAP, at the TechBlick virtual conference on printed/flexible electronics in October 2021. The discussion centred around Dr Kim's research area, quantum dots.
5 Feb 2020

Quantum Dots: The Long Road Towards Emissive QLEDs

In this article, IDTechEx highlight the trends, challenges, and innovation opportunities, shedding light on the likely technology roadmap towards QLED.
24 Jan 2020


Nanophotonica is a small team of 15 or so R&D persons exclusively focused on QLED devices. They were incorporated around 2009, but work didn't really start until around 2017.
11 Apr 2019

IDTechEx Printed Electronics Europe 2019 Award Winners

At the 15th IDTechEx Printed Electronics Europe conference and exhibition in Berlin on April 10-11, four companies were honoured for their great achievements in developing and commercialising printed electronics technologies.
26 Jun 2018

QD display updates from SID 2018: quantum dots

In this article we provide a detailed review of the latest progress in quantum dot (QD) technology reported at the SID conference in California, USA.
26 Apr 2018

Smart printing: power generating films and luminescent glass

New inks for inkjet printers make it possible to print organic displays or solar cells on film and glass for the use in architecture, the textile industry and many other industries.
10 Feb 2017

Automatically darkening windows in a wide range of colors

Electrochromic glass darkens automatically when the sun shines and keeps the heat out. Previously it was available only in blue, and switching times were also long. Now, a new process makes it possible to manufacture other glass colors for the first time.
9 Oct 2015

Brilliant colors from environmentally friendly crystals

Quantum dots have made it possible to substantially increase color quality in LCD displays. However, these cadmium-based nanocrystals have proven to be harmful to the environment. Researchers are working together with an industry partner to develop a promising alternative: quantum dots based on indium phosphide.
7 Nov 2013

Organic lights and solar cells straight from the printer

Flickering façades, curved monitors, flashing clothing, fluorescent wallpaper, flexible solar cells - and all printable.
17 Apr 2013

Integration of OLEDs in Textiles

Fraunhofer IAP, Germany
11 Feb 2013

New pilot line for organic electronics

Organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) and organic solar cells can now be developed at Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research IAP in Potsdam-Golm in a near-industrial scale. The new pilot line was designed and implemented by Fraunhofer IAP in cooperation with the plant manufacturer MBRAUN.
3 Jun 2009

OE-A Unveils New Roadmap and Demonstrators

The updated and expanded third edition of the OE-A Roadmap for organic and printed electronics offers an overview of future product generations as well as requirements for materials and technologies.
19 Oct 2007

OE-A Germany helps R&D activities and product plans

The second version of the Organic Electronics Association (OE-A) roadmap provides a forecast for the market entry of printed electronics through 2015 and beyond.
20 Apr 2005

Reel to reel manufacturing of printed electronics and systems

Fraunhofer Inst - Reliability & Mikrointegration, Germany