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Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials IFAM carries out applied research and development along the entire value chain.
The Functional Printing group has many years of experience in this area, with focus being on nanocomposites, nanostructured functional materials, printed electronics, and sensor systems. In addition, solutions for energy harvesting and 3D-integration are being developed. Regarding functionality integration, our interdisciplinary team works closely with customers to develop concepts, materials, and production processes. For the realization of functionality integration in production, various technologies are available such as 3D-printing, inkjet printing, aerosol printing as well as sputtering, compounding, and extruding techniques.
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Fraunhofer IFAM
5 Apr 2024

Fraunhofer IFAM

Fraunhofer IFAM are an independent research institute based in Europe that focus on adhesive bonding technology and surfaces, and shaping and functional materials. Fraunhofer IFAM operate across seven countries with over 700 employees. IDTechEx spoke with Jan Conen, Functional Printing Project Manager, about their printed piezoelectric and temperature sensor technology at LOPEC 2024.
5 Feb 2021

Hydrogen Powered Drives for E-Scooters

Hydrogen is regarded by many as the future of propulsion technology. The first hydrogen-powered cars are already in action on German roads. In the case of e-scooters, however, installation of a high-pressure tank to store the hydrogen is impractical. An alternative here is POWERPASTE. This provides a safe way of storing hydrogen in a chemical form that is easy to transport and replenish without the need for an expensive network of filling stations.
12 Apr 2018

IDTechEx Printed Electronics Europe 2018 Award Winners

At the 14th IDTechEx Printed Electronics Europe conference and exhibition, three companies were honoured for their great achievements in developing and commercialising printed electronics technologies.
24 Oct 2017

Pohltec Metalfoam

Pohltec Metalfoam is a company that manufacture aluminum foam panels. IDTechEx analyst Dr Richard Collins interviewed Dr Korbinian Heim (Research Engineer and Project Manager).
10 May 2017

Printing Of Electrode Materials For Innovative Solid State Lithium Ion Microbattery

Fraunhofer IFAM, Germany
4 Apr 2017

Solid-state electrolytes and the quest for a safer battery

2016 was the year of Li-ion batteries' silver jubilee, a coming of age that has not been hassle-free, as Samsung's Firegate showed us. This year might mark the first significant switch to new materials in the electrolyte compartment, with both large and small companies trying to bring inorganic and polymer electrolytes to commercial fruition.
9 Mar 2017

Energy Storage Innovations Europe 2017

The field of battery energy storage is set to grow significantly over the coming years. The question that incumbents, raw materials suppliers, end users, and innovators are all asking themselves is whether Li-ion batteries will keep the lion's share of the market, or whether disruptive innovation will drive technology diversification according to applications.
28 Apr 2016

Screen Printing Of Alloy Pastes And Alloy Composites For Temperature Sensor Integration

Fraunhofer IFAM, Germany
28 Apr 2016

Additive Manufacturing By Electron Beam Melting - From Powder To Component

Fraunhofer IFAM, Germany
27 May 2014

Circuits and sensors direct from the printer

These days, no office is complete without a printer. But digital printing technologies also play an important role in microelectronics, microsystems engineering and sensor systems.
2 Apr 2014

IDTechEx Printed Electronics Europe 2014 Award Winners

Printed, flexible and organic electronics will eventually impact most aspects of human endeavour, with the enabling materials, equipment, components and manufacturing being developed and launched today. To recognize and award outstanding achievement to those involved in this rapidly growing business the annual IDTechEx Printed Electronics Awards are held each year. The annual awards were announced at the annual IDTechEx Printed Electronics event this week in Berlin, Germany - Europe's leading event on the topic that brings together end users with suppliers.
6 Apr 2011

INKtelligent Printing of Sensor Structures

Fraunhofer IFAM, Germany
21 Feb 2011

Paper electronics ready for prime time

The term paper electronics refers to electronic and electric circuits printed onto paper - increasingly both at the same time. Paper electronics has its origins in the screen printing of electrodes onto battery separators for cylindrical batteries and it has been used for conductors and sensors in such things as T-Ink toys and novelties.
18 Feb 2011

In-wheel electric motors gain market share

In-wheel motors were popular in cars over 100 years ago because they did not intrude into passenger space. An example is shown below. However, they were expensive and they adversely affected the ride and steering. One motor seizing could sometimes lock a wheel.
25 Feb 2009

Very low input voltage, high performance

It may seem impossible that a sensor, RFID module, small display or microcontroller could operate on 20 millivolts. Yet engineers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS have achieved precisely this by developing a novel voltage converter which has been miniaturized into an ASIC.