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Founded in 1985, Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS in Erlangen, Germany, ranks first among the Fraunhofer Institutes concerning headcount and revenues. With the development of the audio coding method MPEG Layer-3, short MP3, Fraunhofer IIS has reached a worldwide recognition.
In close cooperation with our partners and clients we provide our research and development services in the following areas: Digital radio broadcasting systems, audio and multimedia technology, digital cinema systems, design automation and integrated circuits, wired, wireless and optical networks, localization and navigation, high-speed camera systems, imaging systems and nanofocus X-ray technology, medical sensor solutions and communications technology in transport and logistics.
"The group 'integrated energy supplies' carries out research and development in the field of energy harvesting, power and battery management. High-efficient voltage converters and charge circuits for different kinds of energy harvesting transducers are subject of the developments as well as complete energy supply systems which use thermal gradients, light or vibrations to power wireless transceivers and sensors. A further focus are battery management systems for different kinds of batteries, which estimate SOC and SOH and keep the batteries in the optimum operation range to achieve maximum performance and lifetime."
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Fraunhofer IIS
6 Aug 2021


IDTechEx interviewed Maximilian Weitzel, Data Scientist at Ambiotex. We discussed their latest progress commercialising their smart clothing platform with related software and apps within various market verticals, including recent moves towards approval as a medical device.
5 Dec 2019


Fraunhofer had several types of technologies and devices on show. Marius Siegfarth, Research Associate at Fraunhofer, told IDTechEx about a particular project involving the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in catheter interventions.
3 Dec 2019


Fraunhofer were also exhibiting a sensor-based assessment system (SEBA), also referred to as Healthband. It was developed through a collaboration between Fraunhofer, Rostock University, Hahn-Schickard, Hamburg Applications and Healthcare X.0. The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi)
11 Dec 2018

Novel color sensors are less expensive to manufacture

In the FOWINA project, researchers have developed novel color sensors with a special microlens arrangement. The sensors can be realized directly on the chip and combine multiple functions in a minimum of space.
24 Oct 2018

Fraunhofer IIS's thermogenerator wristbands

A representative of Fraunhofer IIS discusses their thermogenerator wristbands, which upconvert voltage collected to power commercial devices, such as bluetooth devices, smart watches, etc.
Included are:
27 Apr 2016

Versatile Energy Harvesting System With Tunable Vibration Harvester And Micro Battery

Fraunhofer IIS, Germany
21 Jan 2016

Fraunhofer IIS: Show Bluetooth Wristband at the IDTechEx Show!

Video interview with Fraunhofer IIS from the Energy Harvesting & Storage USA exhibition, part of the IDTechEx Show!
16 Nov 2015

Fraunhofer ISC presents new textile-integrated sensors, IDTechEX 2015

Fraunhofer ISC, the leading European organization for applied research, will present its competence in wearable and flexible technology for medical devices and technical textiles at the IDTechEx Show! that takes place in Santa Clara from 18-19 November.
30 Oct 2015

Fraunhofer ISC enables wearable technology for medical devices

Fraunhofer ISC presents its competence in wearable and flexible technology for medical devices and technical textiles at the IDTechEX Show!, Santa Clara (USA) from 18th to 19th November 2015.
28 Apr 2015

Energy Harvesting Systems with Optimized Power Management Circuits

Fraunhofer IIS, Germany
9 Apr 2014

Flexible battery management for complex battery systems

The flexible battery management system of Fraunhofer IIS is able to work with different cell numbers and combinations. It can monitor any series or parallel connection of battery cells.
9 Apr 2014

First bluetooth low energy wristband with thermoelectric energy supply

The BlueTEG sensor wristband measures sensor readings such as the ambient temperature or acceleration rates and transmits this data via Bluetooth to a smartphone or tablet PC.
20 Nov 2013

Maximizing Power Output of Energy Harvesting Systems with Optimized Power Management

Fraunhofer IIS, Germany
18 Apr 2013

Voltage Converter Circuits for Energy Harvesting Transducers

Fraunhofer IIS, Germany
8 Nov 2012

Micro-energy Powermanagement of Self-powered Systems

Fraunhofer IIS, Germany
17 May 2012

Energy Harvesting & Storage and Wireless Sensor Networks & RTLS awards

On Tuesday the 15th of May in Berlin, Germany, IDTechEx recognised innovation once more with the Energy Harvesting & Storage and Wireless Sensor Networks & RTLS awards, in a ceremony that took place on the first day of the IDTechEx conference on the topic.
18 Nov 2011

Winners of the IDTechEx Energy Harvesting and WSN Awards

At the Energy Harvesting & Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) awards dinner on November 15 in Boston, USA companies were recognized for making significant technical or commercial progress with these technologies.
16 Nov 2011

Application Optimized Voltage Converters for Energy Harvesting Power Supplies

Fraunhofer IIS, Germany
19 Nov 2010

Winners of the IDTechEx Energy Harvesting & WSN Awards

Companies were recognized for their outstanding progress in the fields of Energy Harvesting and Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) at the IDTechEx awards dinner in Boston, MA on November 16.
17 Nov 2010

Micro Power Management - Maximizing Power Output of Energy Harvesting Systems

Fraunhofer IIS, Germany