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The Fraunhofer IPMS and its Center Nanoelectronic Technologies (CNT) develops semiconductor technologies on 300 mm wafers and integrates innovative functionalities into existing CMOS platforms. The most prominent fields of research are emerging non-volatile memories with special focus on devices with ferroelectric CMOS-compatible materials and miniaturized power management systems employing batteries, harvesters and highly capacitive elements for energy storage to enable self-powered microsystems.
For leading edge research, the CNT uses a broad and flexible tool and process platform. The Screening Fab concept invites consumable suppliers, tool vendors and semiconductor manufacturers to evaluate new materials and fabrication processes. The service portfolio covers qualification of manufacturing steps such as cleaning and etching, copper plating and CMP or the evaluation of new precursors for atomic layer deposition. In addition, CNT offers a broad spectrum of techniques for physical failure analysis and semiconductor device characterization.
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Fraunhofer IPMS
23 Jul 2019

Fraunhofer IMS

Fraunhofer IMS have developed a 3D flash lidar demo module (Owl), which is based on their patented CMOS SPAD photodetectors with on-chip ROIC.
10 Apr 2019

Smart Packaging Counteracting the Lost Moment of Truth

In the new report "Smart Packaging 2019-2029", IDTechEx Research finds that electronic smart packaging will become a $1.8 Billion market in 2029.
26 Jun 2018

Heliatek GmbH

11 May 2017

Nano-Powerplant For On-Chip Autonomous Systems

Fraunhofer IPMS, Germany
20 Mar 2017

Micro-energy harvester for self-sustaining, integrated chip systems

Research project focusing on the development of micro-energy harvesters for self-sustaining, integrated chip systems. The use of novel piezoelectric materials in vibration-based harvesters can drastically reduce their size and significantly prolong operation time.
23 Oct 2013

Germany Trade & Invest

Germany Trade and Invest is a government organisation under the German ministry of economics and technology. Germany Trade & Invest is a foreign trade and inward investment agency. The organization provides close-to-market information to international companies looking to enter German markets. Germany Trade & Invest also supports international companies from market entry to business start-up in Germany.
17 Apr 2013

A Smart UHF RFID Sensor System for High-Temperature Measurements in Switchgears

Fraunhofer IPMS, Germany
12 Jul 2012

COMEDD now a new research institute of the Fraunhofer

The former department COMEDD (Center for Organic Materials and Electronic Devices Dresden) of the Fraunhofer IPMS has now reached the pre-stage to an independent institute of the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft.
15 Jun 2012

Data-eye-glasses based on bidirectional OLED microdisplays

Interactive OLED-data-eye-glasses win the "Best in Show" award at the 50th anniversary of the worldwide leading display conference SID 2012 in Boston/USA.
14 Jun 2012

Craftsmanship meets high-tech

MEISSEN Manufactory and Fraunhofer COMEDD announce cooperation in the field of innovative porcelain luminaires.
3 May 2012

Universal Display & Fraunhofer agreement for white OLED lighting

OLED lighting has the potential to lower global energy demands and lessen the environmental impacts associated with lighting.
23 Dec 2011

Organic semiconductors - from molecules to the revolution of light

Passion, excellent know-how and close networking win the Deutscher Zukunftspreis 2011.
16 Dec 2011

A fascination with organic electronics

The three scientists succeeded in adapting organic semiconductors for use in a wide range of products, thereby creating the basis for innovative applications in displays, lighting, and photovoltaics.
31 Aug 2011

Professor Karl Leo nominated for the Deutscher Zukunftspreis 2011

The Director of the Fraunhofer IPMS is nominated for the Federal President's prize of Technology and Innovation.
26 Apr 2011

OLED microdisplay based eyetracking HMD

The Fraunhofer IPMS works on the integration of sensors and microdisplays on CMOS backplane for several years now. For example the researchers have developed a bidirectional microdisplay, which could be used in Head-Mounted Displays (HMD) for gaze triggered augmented-reality (AR) aplications.
1 Dec 2010

Printed Electronics USA

German scientists break record, draw high-tech investments
29 Apr 2010

Heliatek and IAPP achieve record efficiency levels

As part of a joint research project carried out together with the Technical University of Dresden's Institute of Applied Photo-Physics, the Dresden-based Heliatek GmbH company has achieved a break-through in organic solar-cell efficiency
20 Apr 2010

Smoothing the way for economic flexible OLEDs

Organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) are nowadays synonymous with next generation lighting, which could replace common light-bulbs in a couple of years. They convert electricity very efficiently into light of high quality. However, existing OLEDs on the market are costly and mostly deposited on rigid materials such as glass. The development of flexible, organic light-emitting diodes, which can be manufactured on an industrial scale, promises economies of scale and accordingly broader marketing of the environmentally sound and highly efficient devices.
17 Dec 2009

So-Light project for OLED displays and special lighting released

So-Light project for OLED displays and special lighting released
13 Oct 2009

HYPOLED consortium announces new partner and important milestones

The consortium for the HYPOLED project, co-ordinated by Fraunhofer IPMS, has announced collaboration with MicroOLED following the bankruptcy of MicroEmissive Displays late last year.