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22 Mar 2021

Wearable Electronic Textiles for the Smart Dresser

An electronic textile with a large-area display that could have applications in communications, navigation and healthcare is described in Nature. The textile is flexible, breathable and durable, making it an ideal material for practical uses.
6 Jan 2021

Innovative Battery Chemistry Revolutionises Zinc-Air Battery

High-performance, eco-friendly, safe and at the same time cost-effective: the zinc-air battery is an attractive energy storage technology of the future. Until now, the conventional zinc-air battery has struggled with a high chemical instability, parasitic reactions which rooted in the usage of alkaline electrolytes lead to electrochemical irreversibility.
2 Jul 2020

Flexible, Printed and Thin Film Batteries 2020-2030: Technologies, Markets and Players

IDTechEx Report: Dr Xiaoxi He
14 Apr 2020

E-textiles and Smart Clothing 2020-2030: Technologies, Markets and Players

IDTechEx Report: James Hayward
2 Oct 2018

Stretchable and Conformal Electronics 2019-2029

IDTechEx Report: James Hayward and Dr Xiaoxi He
27 Feb 2018

Non-Toxic Materials for Electronics/ Electrics: Large Emerging Markets 2018-2028

IDTechEx Report: Dr Peter Harrop
13 Sep 2017

How to draw electricity from the bloodstream

Scientists have now developed a lightweight power generator based on carbon nanotube fibers suitable to convert even the energy of flowing blood in blood vessels into electricity.
14 Aug 2017

IV and cellular fluids power flexible batteries

Researchers in China have engineered bendable batteries that can run on body-inspired liquids such as normal IV saline solution and cell-culture medium.
26 Oct 2016

Lithium-ion battery for electronic textiles grows back after breaking

Electronics that can be embedded in clothing are a growing trend. However, power sources remain a problem.
24 Jul 2015

Energy devices go wireless

Scientists in China have developed a new method for connecting energy devices without using wires.
27 Mar 2015

Flexible polymer threads set to light up clothing

Researchers have created a fibre of a polymer light-emitting electrochemical cell by taking a stainless steel wire and dip-coating it with a thin layer of zinc oxide nanoparticles.
4 Sep 2014

Flexible solar cell woven into fabric

Wearable electronics are quickly becoming the fashion. And there could soon be a way to power those electronics indefinitely, now that scientists in China have developed a solar cell 'textile' that could be woven into clothes.
20 Jun 2014

Superelastic battery

Lithium ion batteries that can be stretched by 600% have been unveiled by scientists in China.
30 May 2014

Wanhao 3D printers

Wanhao are one of the leading Chinese suppliers of consumer-level 3D printers.
29 Oct 2013

Industrial Institute of Printed Electronics

hina is making progress in the development of Printed Electronics by establishing an Industrial Institute of Printed Electronics in September 2013.
25 Oct 2013

Inexpensive material boosts battery capacity

By improving the energy capacity of lithium-ion batteries, a new electrode made from iron oxide nanoparticles could help electric vehicles to cover greater distances.