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31 Aug 2022

Ultra-thin Tough Implantable Material Could Treat Spinal Cord Injury

Flexible implanted electronics are a step closer toward clinical applications thanks to a recent breakthrough technology developed by a research team. The work was pioneered using in-house silicon carbide technology as a new platform for long-term electronic biotissue interfaces.
4 Jun 2021

Study to Train AI for Koala Facial Recognition at Crossings

AI researchers will train cameras to use 'facial recognition' technology at koala crossing locations across South East Queensland to determine how koalas are using them and ultimately provide research-based planning to help protect the declining population.
27 May 2021

3D Print Technology to Advance Dental and Facial Reconstruction

3D printing technology will be used to rebuild human teeth, bones and tissues at The University of Queensland's new Centre for Orofacial Regeneration, Reconstruction and Rehabilitation (COR3).
8 Jun 2020

Human Hair Used to Make Flexible Displays for Smart Devices

Researchers have developed a method of turning the small hair strands into carbon nanodots, which are tiny, uniform dots that are one-millionth of a millimetre.
1 May 2020

Personalised Nutrition Smart Patch to Reduce Diabetes Risk

A wearable smart patch will deliver precision data to help people personalise their diets and reduce their risk of developing lifestyle-related chronic diseases like Type 2 diabetes.
11 Oct 2019

Gene-editing breakthrough in battle against cancer

In what is believed to be a world first, researchers have cured cervical cancer in mice using CRISPR gene-editing technology.
19 Jul 2016

New light harvesting potentials

Researchers have discovered significant new potentials for light harvesting through narrowing the bandgap of titania and graphene quantum dots.
26 Feb 2016

Technology set to personalise tendon and tissue injury rehab

A revolution in the treatment and rehabilitation of muscle/tendon injuries is on its way with the development of a ground-breaking new intelligent technology.
5 Feb 2016

Dip coating to solve perovskite moisture sensitivity

Scientists from China and Australia have designed a water-resistant perovskite solar cell that can operate in a humid environment and maintain its efficiency over three weeks.
27 Apr 2015

Transforming wearable devices for 3D display

Moving holograms like those used in 3D science fiction movies such as Avatar and Elysium have to date only been seen in their full glory by viewers wearing special glasses.