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20 May

DHL launches regular fully-automated urban drone delivery service

DHL Express and EHang have entered into a strategic partnership to jointly launch a fully automated and intelligent smart drone delivery solution to tackle the last-mile delivery challenges in the urban areas of China.
22 Apr

Biosensor 'bandage' collects and analyzes sweat

Like other biofluids, sweat contains a wealth of information about what's going on inside the body. However, collecting the fluid for analysis, usually by dripping or absorbing it from the skin's surface, can be time-consuming and messy. Now, researchers have developed a bandage-like biosensor that both collects and -- in conjunction with a smart phone -- analyzes sweat.
4 Apr

Conductive inks & pastes used in electronic patches & packaging

ETEB has developed a range of silver nanomaterials (nanoparticles, nanoflakes, nanowires) and their conductive ink, used for gravure, inkjet, screen printing and coating processes.
3 Apr

New approach could boost energy capacity of lithium batteries

Researchers around the globe have been on a quest for batteries that pack a punch but are smaller and lighter than today's versions, potentially enabling electric cars to travel further or portable electronics to run for longer without recharging.
13 Nov

Aspen Aerogel

IDTechEx Technology analyst Dr Richard Collins interviewed Michael O'Connor (Commercial director and VP for building and construction) from Aspen Aerogel. A presentation given by Michael was also observed the International Seminar on Aerogels 2016.
29 Aug

AISpeech Co., Ltd.

AISpeech—Artificial Intelligent Speech, initially founded in Cambridge U.K. in 2008, is a company focusing on end-to-end spoken dialogue system technology. AISpeech has become a speech technology provider in China, specializing in providing solutions for all kinds of intelligent hardware, such as in-car devices, smart home and robots.
17 Aug

Huizhou Markyn New Energy

Huizhou Markyn New Energy Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specialising in primary lithium polymer batteries.
25 Jun

Shenzhen BAK Battery Co Ltd

Shenzhen BAK Battery Co., Ltd is one of the largest Li-ion battery manufacturers in China with annual capacity of 8GWh in 2017.
21 Jun

HP opens 3D printing production centre in China

HP Inc together with Guangdong (Dali) 3D Printing Collaborative Innovation Platform unveiled a new production-grade 3D printing center in China, the world's largest manufacturing market.
5 Feb

Sun Shines on CIGS Photovoltaics

Copper indium gallium diselenide CIGS photovoltaics has been around for a long time even in bendable form. It is intermediate in efficiency between organic photovoltaics - poor - and gallium arsenide PV - excellent. Both of those are available in more flexible forms. Dye Sensitised Solar Cells are nearer to CIGS in efficiency but their most promising form is perovskite.
27 Nov


BYD Co Ltd., founded in 1995, is a Chinese manufacturer of automobiles and rechargeable batteries with its corporate headquarters based in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China. BYD is an acronym derived from the phrase "build your dreams".
5 Oct

Initial results emerge from the Aspen Aerogel patent infringement case

This week an announcement came that Aspen Aerogels has won the initial determination in a US International Trade Commission (ITC) investigation. IDTechEx has been closely following the aerogel industry and discuss here the reasons behind this case, the initial result, and the implications of this announcement.
26 Apr

Hongli Energy

Hongli Energy, also known as Omnizonic Battery Tech, produces and provides 3V Li-MnO2 cylindrical batteries.The products are under registered trade mark "Omnizonic".
26 Jan

Aerogel products are answering industries toughest questions

Silica aerogels and their use in fibrous composite panels and blankets remain the most prevalent form. Key market players and applications have driven this growth; however, this landscape could be about to shift.
29 Sep

Star Prototype

Star Prototype are a 3D printing service bureau in China catering to the domestic and foreign markets.
28 Jan

RFID in China 2015-2025: Part 1 of 2

IDTechEx has been analysing the RFID market in China where the majority of the global production takes place. In this comprehensive two-part article series IDTechEx explores the market in China, assessing the role of the government, shifts in the value chain, differences between government-led and market-oriented companies, and trends in consumption of RFID tags by type (HF, UHF, MWF, etc) and application. This article will share our insight into this growing market territory and will provide ten-year market projections for the Chinese market segmented by more than 16 RFID applications.
7 Feb

Shenzhen's Low-Carbon Future

Shenzhen will install battery charging stations across the city and lay the foundations for adoption of a multitude of battery powered vehicles.
27 Sep

Energy harvesting turnstile

The VIVA Design Team at the Guangdong University of Technology in China has designed a self powered turnstile called Green Pass.
15 Jun

LG Display number one in the e-reader market by 2012 - and in color

LG Display plan to take the global number 1 position in the e-reader market by 2012 with the introduction of a flexible, color Electronic Paper Display (EPD) stated the Company yesterday.
27 Feb

Western RFID companies flock to China

China was the world's largest RFID market in 2007 on the back of the huge city card schemes and the $6 billion national ID card scheme, all now largely completed.