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14 Jul 2021

Upcoming Webinar - AI in Drug Discovery: Accelerating Pharma R&D

Thursday 15 July 2021 - Roles and values of AI in drug discovery; Drivers and constraints of applying AI in drug discovery; Progress of AI in virtual hit screening; Market landscape; COVID-19 and outlook.
13 Jul 2021

Many 600 Mile Electric Cars in 2025

Here come 600-mile electric cars and they will grab market share even as city cars. At last, you will be able to buy a car that lets you vacation in it wherever you wish.
9 Jul 2021

Solar Cold Rooms Help Strawberry Farmers Through India's Lockdown

2021 has been a traumatic year for India's farmers - coronavirus has slashed their incomes, and they face the impact of controversial new agriculture policies. Growers in the country's strawberry capital are among those badly hit by the pandemic.
1 Jul 2021

Wrightbus Launches Rapid-Charge Double Deck

Wrightbus, already leading the world with its pioneering hydrogen technology, today unveils the latest addition to its zero-emission arsenal - a rapid-charge electric double-deck.
14 Jun 2021

Dassault Systèmes

Highlights from Dassault Systèmes' 2021 Industry Analyst Meeting. Dassault Systèmes hosted a virtual two-day event to share their company strategy, progress, and successes.
11 Jun 2021

Manufacturing of Nano-Based Energy Storage Material Begins

NAWA Technologies has hit a significant milestone with the start of manufacturing of its revolutionary Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotube material.
10 Jun 2021

AI in Drug Discovery Cuts Timelines From 5+ Years to Months

AI has been successfully applied to speed up virtual screening, de novo drug discovery, and can be utilized to optimize compounds to have drug-like properties. Processes that typically take several years can be reduced to a matter of months.
3 Jun 2021

The Powerhouse Future is Flexoelectric

Researchers have demonstrated "giant flexoelectricity" in soft elastomers that could improve robot movement range and make self-powered pacemakers a real possibility.
31 May 2021

Autonomous Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) is 2-3 Years Away, For Real

"Autonomous cars will be here in 2 years" has been a standard sentence from the industry for the past 5 years or so. Now there is good reason to expect autonomous ride-hailing services to hit our roads within 3 years. So, what has happened in the last year in the world of autonomy to give this confidence boost?
17 May 2021

Spine-tingling: Haptic Technologies and Exoskeletons

Many common haptic applications only target a particular area, for example, smartphones affecting the hands and fingers, but haptic exoskeletons expand their effects to a full-body experience, with potential use in industries from gaming to the medical field.
17 May 2021


TMYTEK is a company that provides 5G mmWave solutions. IDTechEx spoke with their founder Su-Wei Chang on 15th Apr. 2021.
27 Apr 2021

MedAI Integrates its Three AI Powered Drug Discovery Platforms

MedAI announced that it has integrated its three AI-powered drug discovery platforms so as to increase drug candidate efficacy and safety throughout the preclinical research. Previously, the company has released AIDD Platform, CADD Platform, and Experimental Validation Platform, which consist of proprietary hardware, biological, molecular and digital technologies.
31 Mar 2021

Fastest All-Electric Passenger Ship to Launch in Stockholm

The all-new foiling Candela P-30—the world's fastest all-electric passenger ship—will hit Stockholm's waterways in 2022, shuttling passengers to and from the archipelago above the waves without wakes, noise and CO2 emissions.
19 Mar 2021


As part of the VW Group, Audi is also making a strong push towards electrification. Their first battery electric vehicles have been successful and many more models are expected by 2025.
15 Mar 2021

Printed Electronics for 6G Smart Surfaces Everywhere

6G Communications is coming to your smartphone around 2030, according to Samsung and others, but it can only succeed if it deploys smart surfaces everywhere. Essential to this is printed electronics.
10 Mar 2021

Key to Low-cost, Fast Production of Solid-state Batteries for EVs

A new fabrication technique could allow solid-state automotive lithium-ion batteries to adopt nonflammable ceramic electrolytes using the same production processes as in batteries made with conventional liquid electrolytes.
8 Mar 2021

A New Generation of Tiny, Agile Drones

The technology could boost aerial robots' repertoire, allowing them to operate in cramped spaces and withstand collisions.
26 Feb 2021

Edible Holograms Could Someday Decorate Foods

Holograms are everywhere, from driver's licenses to credit cards to product packaging. And now, edible holograms could someday enhance foods. Researchers have developed a laser-based method to print nanostructured holograms on dried corn syrup films. The edible holograms could also be used to ensure food safety, label a product or indicate sugar content, the researchers say.
19 Feb 2021

3D Printing Perovskites on Graphene Makes Next-Gen X-Ray Detectors

Scientists have developed a novel method for producing highly efficient X-ray detectors by using 3D aerosol jet-printing. The X-ray detectors can be easily integrated into standard microelectronics to considerably improve the performance of medical imaging devices.
9 Feb 2021

Solar Vehicles 2021-2041 2nd Edition

IDTechEx Report: Dr Peter Harrop and Dr Matthew Dyson