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23 Nov 2020

AI in Drug Discovery - Virtual Hit Screening

This IDTechEx premium article covers technology, players & company landscape for structure-based virtual screening, ligand-based virtual screening and phenotypic virtual screening
20 Nov 2020

Denovicon Therapeutics

Denovicon Therapeutics uses AI-driven computational tools to develop small-molecule therapeutics.
20 Nov 2020

Food and AgTech in 2020: An IDTechEx Perspective

2020 has been a challenging year for the food and agriculture industries, however, the crisis caused by the COVID-19 outbreak has led to several opportunities in the global food and agriculture industry, particularly for alternative and novel food systems.
8 Nov 2020

Intellegens (Drug discovery)

Intellegens is a data analytics company focused on accelerating innovation through the use of artificial intelligence (AI), particularly deep learning (DL).
2 Nov 2020

Micar Innovation (Micar21)

Micar Innovation is a drug discovery company that uses generative AI models to generate novel therapeutic molecules. It focuses on the entire drug discovery process, from target identification to pre-clinical studies, using structure-based in silico drug design.
2 Nov 2020


e-Therapeutics has developed a proprietary network-driven AI platform to identify new approaches to treat disease and accelerate drug discovery. The company operates in various stages of drug discovery including target identification and hit screening.
28 Oct 2020

Xidas Introduces 'The Battery That Never Dies'

Xidas IoT becomes the first to create a cost-effective solution for the IoT market's major issue: battery life. The increasing benefit of wireless sensors in the industrial and automation world is being restricted by the pain of replacing their batteries.
24 Oct 2020


Iktos has developed Makya, a fully automated SaaS platform for de novo drug design that enables rapid identification of molecules that satisfy multiple drug-like criteria for clinical testing.
23 Oct 2020


Exscientia has developed a range of computational algorithms to accelerate and facilitate drug discovery. Unlike most companies, which often focus on a particular stage of drug development (eg: target identification, hit screening, etc), Exscientia is considered a "full-stack" AI company as it focuses on all stages of drug discovery up to (and including) lead identification and optimisation.
22 Oct 2020

SuperCharge - New Road-Car Based Global Electric Motorsport Series

SuperCharge, an all-new global motorsport series based on electric crossover road cars, has broken cover on its plans to help shape the new future for motorsport.
19 Oct 2020

Engineers Print Wearable Sensors Directly on Skin Without Heat

Wearable sensors are evolving from watches and electrodes to bendable devices that provide far more precise biometric measurements and comfort for users. Now, an international team of researchers has taken the evolution one step further by printing sensors directly on human skin without the use of heat.
19 Oct 2020

CRISPR Used for Effective Vaccine Against Parasitic Skin Disease

Scientists are planning for Phase 1 human trials of a vaccine they developed by using CRISPR gene-editing technology to mutate the parasite that causes leishmaniasis, a skin disease common in tropical regions of the world.
17 Oct 2020

Machine Learning Uncovers Potential new TB Drugs

Computational method for screening drug compounds can help predict which ones will work best against tuberculosis or other diseases.
14 Oct 2020

Supercapacitors Increasingly Preferred for Wind Power

Large supercapacitors cost thousands of dollars. They save millions of dollars when preventing self-destruction as with pitch control of the blades of a wind turbine in a storm when the electrics fail.
13 Oct 2020

Tesla Model 3 Revealed UK's Most Popular Electric Car

A new report by Nationwide Vehicle Contracts reveals the world's most popular electric cars. The report looks at global electric vehicle sales from EVVolumes.com over the last three years, as well as Google search volume data for electric and hybrid vehicles in 152 different countries to show the world's most desired make and model.
2 Oct 2020


This is a background profile covering Ossia, a prominent company in the field of RF charging and energy harvesting. The bulk of the content was written in 2017, but key figures are updated to 2020.
9 Sep 2020

Solar Vehicles 2021-2041

IDTechEx Report: Dr Peter Harrop
3 Sep 2020

China's National Sword Policy Could Spur on Global Recycling

In 2018, China enacted its "National Sword" policy, effectively banning the import of most waste plastics and materials heading for the nation's recycling processors in an attempt to stop the wave of soiled and contaminated materials that were overwhelming the country's processing facilities and threatening it with a major environmental problem.
3 Sep 2020

How to Make AI Trustworthy

One of the biggest impediments to adoption of new technologies is trust in AI. Now, a new tool generates automatic indicators if data and predictions generated by AI algorithms are trustworthy.
2 Sep 2020

Amber Molecular

Amber Molecular Inc. is an early stage Canadian company that is focusing on fluorescent materials for red and orange OLEDs. These are designed to be paired with TADF materials to increase the electrical efficiency, lower the manufacturing costs, and widen the color gamut, of OLED devices. The company's commercialization strategy applies their significant synthetic flexibility to value-added strategic partnerships with TADF companies and OLED manufacturers.