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Hasbro is a worldwide leader in children's and family leisure time entertainment products and services, including the design, manufacture and marketing of games and toys ranging from traditional to high-tech. Global centre of excellence continue to create pivotal leading brands such as Transformers, Playskools 'Mr Potato Head' and a multitude of titles under MB/Parker Games, only highlighting Hasbro's depth in the market place. With an eye toward the future, Hasbro will continue to focus on growing existing and developing new Innovative core brands.
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Hasbro, Inc.
22 Nov 2019

Ynvisble Strengthens Board of Directors

Ynvisible Interactive Inc is pleased to announce the appointment of Michael Robinson and Leif Ljungqvist as new independent members of its Board of Directors.
28 Apr 2016

Cartamundi, imec and Holst Centre win "Best Product" award

Cartamundi, imec and Holst Centre (set up by imec and TNO) are proud to announce to have just won the "Best Product" - Award at Printed Electronics Europe for their ultra-thin plastic RFID technology integrated into Cartamundi's playing cards.
17 Mar 2015

Creation of smart and interactive printed objects

Cartamundi, Van Genechten Packaging, PragmatIC, SMARTRAC, TNO and imec have joined forces to realize the creation of smart and interactive printed objects.
16 Apr 2014

End users learning and engaged in developing printed electronics

The IDTechEx event made one thing very clear - now, more than ever, end users are actively learning and engaged in developing printed electronics devices. However, the process they go through with the industry is not effective.
1 Apr 2014

Printed Electronics - A Perspective for Toys & Games

Hasbro Europe Ltd, United Kingdom
26 Mar 2014

What do you need to know about printed, organic, flexible electronics?

What do you need to know about printed, organic and flexible electronics to drive your business in this field?
24 Mar 2014

World's first flexible multi-functional timer available at PE Europe

World's first flexible multi-functional timer to be distributed at Printed Electronics Europe.
12 Mar 2014

Smart Packaging: One-off gimmick or sustained use?

In new research for the report Smart Packaging Comes To Market: Brand Enhancement with Electronics 2014-2024, IDTechEx conducted extensive interviews with end-users in order to understand the challenges and opportunities they see for smart packaging.
5 Mar 2014

Hear what end users want at Printed Electronics Europe

IDTechEx has found that firms are spending from a few hundred thousand to a few million dollars to fund the creation of printed electronics prototypes. Leading end users will present their needs at Printed Electronics Europe 2014 in Berlin early next month.
24 Jan 2014

Thinfilm acquires Kovio Technology

Thin Film Electronics ASA has announced that it has completed acquisition of Kovio technology, intellectual property, and manufacturing assets, and has opened the Thinfilm NFC Innovation Center in the heart of Silicon Valley.
27 Feb 2013

Thin Film Electronics

20 Dec 2012

Hasbro and Thinfilm enter into commercial agreement

Thin Film Electronics ASA has announced that Hasbro, Inc and Thinfilm have entered into a commercial agreement for supply of components, including a limited exclusive consulting relationship.
18 Oct 2010

Printed electronics killer applications

Printed and partly printed electronics and electrics are not being applied to very expensive things or electronic things first. It is more about modernising printing more than it is about modernising electronics.
25 Jun 2009

Huge increase in printed electronics toolkit

This year has already seen a huge increase in the choice of electronic components that can be printed or are compatible with printing in that they are thin, flexible and can support further printed circuitry on top.
19 Feb 2008

Progress with non silicon photovoltaics in Europe

With increasing global demand for energy sources beyond gas and oil, there is now more effort than ever before on renewable energy, especially photovoltaics.
24 Jan 2008

New direction for printed electronics in 2008

The money spent on printed and potentially printed electronics doubled in 2007, as did the number of organisations participating.
9 Jan 2008

Doubling of interest in printed electronics

The interest in printed electronics has doubled in the last year. This is the conclusion whether you measure it by organisations active in the subject, event attendance, patent filings or in some other way.
22 Nov 2007

2nd report on Printed Electronics USA

$300 billion by 2027 predicted by IDTechEx at Printed Electronics USA for new post-silicon electronics.
26 Oct 2007

Printed Electronics USA conference and exhibition - world's largest

The IDTechEx Printed Electronics USA conference and exhibition in San Francisco on November 14-15 is the World's largest event on the topic by many parameters. Even with almost a month to go, there are 45 confirmed exhibitors with just a few places left and more than 400 registered delegates.
7 Aug 2007

Printed Electronics Changes Course