Hawkes Remotes

Hawkes Remotes

Founded in 2010 as a spinoff from Hawkes Ocean Technologies, Hawkes Remotes Inc. aims to become the world leader in battery-powered unmanned underwater vehicles. The Company has a deep array of proprietary technologies and a 40-year heritage of innovation in marine engineering from co-founder Graham Hawkes, who has designed and developed more than a dozen manned submersibles, diving suits, and ROVs, as well as manipulators and other tools for ocean access and work. More than 500 systems of his design are in the water today. The Company is based in Point Richmond, CA, and is privately funded.
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Hawkes Remotes
10 Dec 2010

Future of electric vehicles in California

The annual IDTechEx conference on the Future of Electric Vehicles - land, water and air held in San Jose, California this week saw 200 attendees with 12 exhibitors including BMW MINI E, KillaCycle and Levant Power.
7 Dec 2010

New Unmanned Underwater Electric Vehicles: Cutting (well, Thinning) the Cord

Hawkes Remotes, United States
3 Nov 2010

Wireless electric vehicles

At the unique IDTechEx event, "Future of Electric Vehicles" in San Jose USA December 7-8, these "sea changes" will be tracked by the experts involved in land, air and, yes, seagoing electric vehicles.
20 Oct 2010

Plug-in hybrid sailboat powered by massive lithium ion battery pack

One of the world's largest plug-in hybrid sailboats, a Tag 60 catamaran, hit the water powered by new E Motion 18 kw motors and a massive lithium ion battery pack from International Battery.
31 Aug 2010

Robot EV water craft tackles oil spills

MIT researchers unveil autonomous oil-absorbing robot that could absorb up to 20 times its own weight in oil.
17 Aug 2010

Enthusiasm for first land, water and air electric vehicle event

BAE Systems has just agreed to speak at IDTechEx event "Future of Electric Vehicles" in San Jose December 7-8.
30 Jul 2010

Lithium polymer traction on and under the water

Using lead acid batteries, many electric boats have been plying waterways in Europe since 1890, when electric cars were also popular.
16 Jul 2010

Military Electric Vehicles -part four - pure electric

The US Military is in the market for regular electric vehicles both as air base ground Support Equipment GSE that tows aircraft and fetches and carries to them and for general runabouts at military bases.
16 Jul 2010

Electric Vehicles but not as we know them

The increasing variety of applications of electric vehicle technology.