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Heliatek is engaged in the development and production of organic photovoltaic solar cells. The company was founded in 2006 and is leveraging organic materials to improve the cost-efficiency characteristics of solar cells for large area applications.
By utilizing vacuum technology, Heliatek is developing a new proprietary material that displays unprecedented power efficiency, transport and contact properties as well as extended life-time characteristics.
In 2010 the company is preparing its production line.
Heliatek's proprietary technology relies on the vacuum deposition of so-called small molecules, a technology proven successful in OLEDs. In contrast, so-called plastic solar cells pursued by other companies are prepared by solution processing (e.g., printing) of polymers.
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Heliatek GmbH
5 Jun 2023

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21 Dec 2022

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6 Sep 2022

Heliatek Signs Strategic Partnership with Looop for Japan

Heliatek has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Looop In. to market and install the innovative solar films in Japan. Both companies have already tested the solar films in several pilot projects, including a comparison test site on the campus of the Ritsumeikan University in 2020. Heliatek and Looop are convinced that the innovative solar films are perfectly suited to unlock a large potential of unused surfaces for solar power generation in Japan's metropolises.
22 Aug 2022

Thin Film & Flexible Photovoltaics 2023-2033

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24 Jun 2022


Heliatek is a Germany company founded in 2006. It is developing thin flexible organic photovoltaic films for building integration. Its first commercial product, HeliaSol, was produced in 2021.
23 Feb 2022

Flexible OLED for Homogeneous Light in the Operating Room

The glare-free, homogeneous light of large-area organic light-emitting diodes is perceived as very pleasant and offers many advantages for product design. In the recently completed LAOLA project, OLEDs were therefore developed as planar lighting for a wide range of applications on flexible substrates.
15 Oct 2021

Pilot Project for Innovative PV Solutions From Heliatek

Avoiding CO2 emissions wherever possible - GREEN also pursues this goal for managed portfolio properties of GARBE. The system can extend the lifespan and utilisation cycles of the properties and enhance the attractiveness of the locations long-term. Moreover, it can help avoid demolition, which is a waste of energy. If the installation of a conventional roof-mounted photovoltaic system is not possible on roofs due to insufficient static or structural stability, older buildings may be retrofitted in the future by mounting organic photovoltaic films laterally on their façades.
13 Nov 2020

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18 Oct 2018

World's largest façade installed with organic photovoltaics

Approximately 185 m² of Heliatek's organic photovoltaic films were installed on the façade of a warehouse of the Duisburger Hafen AG in August.
14 Aug 2018

Sunpartner Technologies

26 Jun 2018

Heliatek GmbH

Heliatek is a start-up formed in 2006, and has raised over 150 million euros ($186 million) in equity, subsidies and other funding. Over the past 12 years, the company, based out of France, has developed and patented opaque organic PV films, as well as developed knowhow for a novel roll to roll vacuum deposition manufacturing technique.
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16 Nov 2017

World's largest BiOPV installation completed

The world's largest BiOPV installation completed in France using Heliatek's Solar Film Solution, HeliaSol®. In a joint project with partner and investor ENGIE, the largest OPV project on a roof to date has been completed by Heliatek.
31 Aug 2016

Heliatek successfully implements second phase of BIOPV pilot project

The second phase of Heliatek's large pilot installation of its award-winning BIOPV pilot project has been successfully completed in Singapore.
29 Jun 2016

Organic solar film from Heliatek on biogas plant

RWE has inaugurated a modern biogas plant in Bergheim-Paffendorf in the presence of Mr. Johannes Remmel, Minister for Environment in North Rhine-Westphalia. Besides the production of bio-methane, the large façade of the fermenters is used for a pilot installation of the organic solar film by Heliatek.
24 Jun 2016

First large BIOPV project on African continent

Heliatek has implemented, with its partner Kandil Steel, its first Building integrated Organic Photovoltaic pilot project in Africa.
16 Sep 2015

Asia's largest building integrated organic PV phase 1 successfull

The first phase of Heliatek's pilot project in Singapore has been successfully completed.
28 Apr 2015

Efficient Organic Multijunction Solar Films Prepared by Vacuum Roll-to-Roll Production

Heliatek GmbH, Germany
6 Oct 2014

Heliatek completes 18 Million Euro in series C funding round

Heliatek GmbH, the world's leading company in the production and commercialization of organic solar films, has successfully completed its C-Financing round by raising 18 million EUR.
1 Oct 2014

Heliatek completes 18 Million Euro in Series C Funding Round

Heliatek GmbH, the world's leading company in the production and commercialization of organic solar films, has successfully completed its C-Financing round by raising 18 million EUR.
3 Jun 2014

Highlights from a printed electronics conference

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