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4 May 2022

Carbon Dioxide Utilization 2022-2042: Technologies, Market Forecasts, and Players

IDTechEx Report: Dr Hydra Rodrigues
1 Oct 2021

Concrete and Cement Reinvented: Growing the Market, Decarbonising 2022-2042

IDTechEx Report: Dr Hydra Rodrigues, Sona Dadhania and Dr Richard Collins
22 Jul 2021

Bridge Energy to be Harvested in Pioneering Research Project

Unused energy trapped within bridges is to be harvested in a major new international project. Traffic and wind regularly cause low frequency vibrations to ripple through bridge building materials such as steel and concrete. This energy would normally travel away from its source before dissipating but academics have recognised an opportunity. They intend to capture and recycle this untapped source by using the principles of physics.
15 Jul 2021

Backscatter Breakthrough Runs Near-Zero-Power IoT Comms at 5G Speeds

The promise of 5G Internet of Thingsnetworks requires more scalable and robust communication systems — ones that deliver drastically higher data rates and lower power consumption per device.
1 Dec 2020

Innovate UK Awards ENIAN £500,000 for Renewable Energy Software

ENIAN has this week been awarded a £500,000 Smart Grant by Innovate UK to develop a new cost predicting algorithm set to accelerate the uptake of renewable energy across the country.
7 Aug 2018

CPI supports project to improve airtight bonding in OLED lighting

The Centre for Process Innovation is working as part of a consortium to improve airtight bonding in OLED lighting for aerospace and defence applications.
8 Feb 2017

4 million pound robotics boost for offshore windfarms

A collaboration has received funding to deliver a human-robotics hybrid solution for the maintenance and operation of offshore windfarms.
18 Feb 2015

Printed human organs for testing and transplantation

A specialised 3D printing process, using human stem cells, could pave the way to purpose-built replacement organs for patients, eliminating the need for organ donation, immune suppression and the problem of transplant rejection.
17 Sep 2010

Urine powered fuel cells a possibility

A research team at Heriot-Watt University is developing the world's first Direct Urea Powered Fuel Cells targeting applications in water treatment/purification and renewable energy where urea is a problem contaminant.
22 Jan 2009

Merging textiles and photovoltaics

Solar technologies are being adopted globally with strong growth predicted in the sector despite the current poor state of the world economy.