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Hydrogenics Corporation, NASDAQ:HYGS, TSX:HYG located in Toronto, Canada, is a globally recognized leader in hydrogen generation and fuel cell products and services, addressing the high growth industrial and clean energy markets.
The company has three primary areas of focus:
  • Hydrogen Generation: Electrolysis-based hydrogen generation equipment for industrial and fueling applications.
  • Power Systems: Fuel cell products for mobile use and backup power.
  • Energy Storage: Hydrogen-based energy storage solutions for renewable energy applications both on and off grid as well as grid balancing.
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19 Aug 2021

Electrochaea GmbH

Electrochaea is a German growth-stage company that has developed a power-to-gas (P2G) process to convert renewable energy and carbon dioxide into pipeline-grade biomethane.
12 Feb 2021

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Hydrogenics is a Canadian manufacturer and supplier of hydrogen fuel cell products.
20 Jul 2018

Gencell Energy

1 Aug 2017

Electric buses: strong basis for forecasting ongoing boom

In this article Dr Peter Harrop examines the ongoing growth of the electric bus market.
28 Jul 2017

Huge orders to come for electric buses

Cars are so yesterday. By contrast, the demand for buses will power on up, with no peaking for decades.
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28 Oct 2016

New fuel cell aircraft flies

Following Boeing flying an uneconomical single seated plane about ten years ago a four seat hydrogen fuel cell plane has taken to the skies. The hydrogen-powered experimental aircraft HY4 has made its first official flight, taking off and landing at Stuttgart Airport Germany.
16 Sep 2015

CENEX LCV: Event In-wheel Motors & Lightweighting

The Riversimple two seat fuel cell hybrid car was on show in powertrain form at CENEX recently and in addition to the Hydrogenics fuel cell as fuel tank and the lithium-ion capacitor as engine it had four in-wheel motors.
24 Dec 2013

DoE to invest $7M to commercialize hydrogen and fuel cell technologies

As part of the Obama Administration's all-of-the-above energy strategy, the Energy Department announced more than $7 million for projects that will help bring cost-effective, advanced hydrogen and fuel cell technologies online faster.
2 Apr 2012

Electric Vehicles become less poisonous

Most green technologies are not so green on closer examination.
28 Mar 2012

PEM Fuel Cells 2.0 - Enabling Technology for Range Extension and Immediate Re-charge of Battery Electric Vehicles in Land, Sea and Air Applications

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