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8 Mar 2021

Rapid 3D Printing Method Moves Towards 3D Printed Organs

It looks like science fiction: A machine dips into a shallow vat of translucent yellow goo and pulls out what becomes a life-sized hand. The hand, which would take six hours to create using conventional 3D printing methods, demonstrates what engineers say is progress toward 3D-printed human tissue and organs — biotechnology that could eventually save countless lives lost due to the shortage of donor organs.
8 Mar 2021

New Copolymer Binder to Extend Life of Lithium Ion Batteries

The degradation of Li-ion batteries is a serious issue that greatly limits the useful life of portable electronic devices, indirectly causing huge amounts of pollution and economic losses. In addition to this, the fact that Li-ion batteries are not very durable is a massive roadblock for the market of electric vehicles and renewable energy harvesting.
8 Mar 2021

Recycled Cotton Becomes New Fabric

A lot of us recycle our old textiles, but few of us know that they are very difficult to re-use, and often end up in landfills anyway. Now, researchers have developed a method that converts cotton into sugar, that in turn can be turned into spandex, nylon or ethanol.
8 Mar 2021

A New Generation of Tiny, Agile Drones

The technology could boost aerial robots' repertoire, allowing them to operate in cramped spaces and withstand collisions.
8 Mar 2021

Reducing Food Waste with Freshness Timer Smart Labels

The Insignia After Opening Freshness Timer is suitable for a wide range of modified atmosphere products. The unique smart label begins timing the moment a packet is opened.
8 Mar 2021

HyMet Thermal Interfaces

Dr James Edmondson interviewed HyMet to discuss their novel thermal interface material with high anisotropy and deformation.
8 Mar 2021

Where are the Innovations in Thermal Interface Materials

Thermal management is one of the most important topics in a wide range of applications; from electric vehicle battery packs through to consumer electronics, there is a pressing need to dissipate heat efficiently. Thermal interface materials (TIM) come in numerous types and play a crucial role in the thermal transfer from a heat source. This article looks at what the major innovations are for these materials and why those developments are significant.
8 Mar 2021

SynBioBeta: Food & Agriculture Conference 2021

As part of IDTechEx's research into the cultured meat industry, Senior Technology Analyst Dr Michael Dent attended SynBioBeta's Food and Agriculture Conference 2021. This premium article will focus on some key themes of the conference, with a view to the cultured meat industry.
8 Mar 2021

An Introduction to Electro-fuel (e-fuel) Technology

Production of e-fuels promises a route to effectively limitless, carbon-neutral fuels without the controversy of biofuels around land use, sustainability and competition with food. E-fuels can also be referred to under the umbrella of power-to-X (P2X), X being liquid or gaseous products, including hydrogen, methane, alcohols or drop-in hydrocarbon fuels. However, e-fuels are still at an early stage of development with various routes that can be used for production.
5 Mar 2021

Roll-to-Roll Continuous Inkjet Printed Electronics Demonstrated

PV Nano Cell Ltd announced that its Sicrys conductive ink was successfully used in Roll-to-Roll (R2R) continues inkjet printing of electronics as part of the DigiMan project.
5 Mar 2021

FedEx Commits to Carbon-Neutral Operations by 2040

FedEx Corp has announced an ambitious goal to achieve carbon-neutral operations globally by 2040. To help reach this goal, FedEx is designating more than $2 billion of initial investment in three key areas: vehicle electrification, sustainable energy, and carbon sequestration.
5 Mar 2021

Wearable to Monitor Jaundice Causing Bilirubin, Vitals in Newborns

Researchers in Japan have developed the first wearable devices to precisely monitor jaundice, a yellowing of the skin caused by elevated bilirubin levels in the blood that can cause severe medical conditions in newborns.
5 Mar 2021

Can Ultrasound Treat Obesity?

New research shows that liver-focused ultrasound stimulation significantly decreases chronic inflammation linked to obesity. In a study researchers demonstrate that ultrasound technology could be used as a noninvasive approach to treating obesity.
5 Mar 2021

Energy Companies Invest £1.6 Million in Wave Power for Subsea Projects

Wave power experts Mocean Energy and energy storage developers EC-OG have joined forces with Chrysaor, Modus, OGTC and Baker Hughes to fund the demonstration of a wave powered renewable energy system for running subsea equipment.
4 Mar 2021

CRISPR Treatment Cuts Cholesterol in Mice by Up to 57% in one Shot

The genome editing technology CRISPR has emerged as a powerful new tool that can change the way we treat disease. The challenge when altering the genetics of our cells, however, is how to do it safely, effectively, and specifically targeted to the gene, tissue and organ that needs treatment.
4 Mar 2021

Autonomous Underwater Robot Saves People from Drowning

A research team has developed an underwater vehicle with the help of Halle's water rescue service. Equipped with batteries, motor, cameras, and optical and navigational sensors, the current system is 90 centimeters long, 50 centimeters high, and 50 centimeters wide.
4 Mar 2021

New Skills of Graphene: Tunable Lattice Vibrations

Without electronics and photonics, there would be no computers, smartphones, sensors, or information and communication technologies. In the coming years, the new field of phononics may further expand these options. That field is concerned with understanding and controlling lattice vibrations (phonons) in solids. In order to realize phononic devices, however, lattice vibrations have to be controlled as precisely as commonly realized in the case of electrons or photons.
4 Mar 2021

Visa Secures Regional Renewable Energy Agreement

Visa has entered a multi-year energy agreement to power Visa's data center in the commonwealth of Virginia with 100 percent renewable energy during five years of the agreement.
4 Mar 2021

Work Starts on Second UK Project Using Tesla Megapack Battery

The 34 MW / 68 MWh Contego project near Burgess Hill in West Sussex, United Kingdom, will be one of the largest battery energy storage developments in the UK, with a system of 28 Tesla Megapack lithium-ion batteries, using Tesla's Autobidder AI software for real-time trading and control. Due to be completed in June 2021 and operational soon after, it is part of a strategic energy storage pipeline to be launched globally by FRV.
3 Mar 2021

Can A Robot Operate Effectively Underwater?

Researchers find sea stars' shape plays an important role in their ability to withstand dynamic water forces and remain attached to surfaces.