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1 Dec 2020

Merck Announces Partnerships: Advance Materials for Free-Form Displays

Partnerships with Optitune and Solip Tech will allow Merck to accelerate the commercialization of liviFlexTM, a new range of display materials that addresses challenges in the manufacture of flexible, foldable and rollable OLED displays.
30 Nov 2020

Light Polymers

Light Polymers have developed a directly-coatable polarizing film. This is much thinner than the incumbent PVA film technology, and is thus well suited to folding/flexible displays.
30 Nov 2020

Smart Cities - 2020 Highlights by IDTechEx

The focus of smart cities has changed. In 2020, smart cities have been pivoting reinvented hardware and associated systems.
30 Nov 2020

Virtual Reality: The Most Disruptive Technology of the Next Decade

Virtual reality has already had a major impact in a range of different industries. IDTechEx predicts in its recent market research report that this technology will grow to $8Bn by 2030.
30 Nov 2020

Daymak Launches Six Light Electric Vehicles

Daymak will be launching Daymak Avvenire - a full lineup of six light electric vehicles designed to invigorate the future of eco-friendly micro mobility. The Daymak Avvenire series includes six individual vehicles, ranging from ebikes and covered mobility scooters to a personal flying vehicle.
30 Nov 2020

3D Printed Make Up Technology Wins Innovation Award

The Industry Prize for the best cosmetic innovation of the year was awarded to ColorForge, a US-based start-up that has developed a custom manufacturing and packaging system for make-up products. ColorForge has developed a revolutionary 3D printer that can produce hundreds of unique color cosmetics in a single print batch in less than 5 hours. Currently a full print batch takes about 32 hours.
30 Nov 2020

AI Detects COVID-19 on Chest X-Rays with Accuracy and Speed

Northwestern University researchers have developed a new artificial intelligence platform that detects COVID-19 by analyzing X-ray images of the lungs. Called DeepCOVID-XR, the machine-learning algorithm outperformed a team of specialized thoracic radiologists — spotting COVID-19 in X-rays about 10 times faster and 1-6% more accurately.
30 Nov 2020

Global Pharma R&D AI, Data Science & Informatics Summit 2020

This premium article discusses lessons learned from this event, particularly the key trends and challenges currently facing companies utilising AI in drug discovery applications. It also provides company profiles for the AI and pharmaceutical companies that spoke at the event.
30 Nov 2020

Supercapacitor Technology for Green Energy

Supercapacitors (ultracapacitors) are the only capacitors using an electrochemical double layer (EDL) to give one thousand times more storage for a given weight or volume.
30 Nov 2020

IDTechEx Release New Report on Full Hybrid Electric Vehicle Markets

Hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) have seen a significant growth in sales over recent years and the HEV market is set to increase in 2020 despite the implications of COVID-19 on the global automotive industry.
30 Nov 2020

Will Starlink succeed? (Part 3)

In the previous two articles, we discussed the weaknesses of the Starlink project. However, we keep on reading news and interests on Starlink. Is it a hope or a hype? Will Starlink succeed? This will be discussed in the next two articles.
28 Nov 2020


Glō established in 2010 in Sweden, is a fabless company based on research performed at Lund University. Glō then moved to Silicon Valley in 2012.
28 Nov 2020

AU Optronics

AUO showcased the world's highest resolution and full colour LTPS TFT driven 8" Micro-LED display at Display Week 2018.
27 Nov 2020

Join the Upcoming IDTechEx Webinar: Why Drones Matter

Thursday 10 December 2020 (3 sessions to choose from) - This webinar covers the following topic areas: Drone designs; Drone use cases; Forecasts for 2021-2031; and Forecasts for 2031-2041.
27 Nov 2020

General Motors Sparkles in 48 Volt

It is in China that General Motors is leading the way in 48V hybrid cars and their next technology. This 48V mild hybridization of conventional car models gives them another ten years in the market.
27 Nov 2020

3D Printed Coral, Bioreactors Boost Microalgae Production for Biofuels

Using light as an energy source, photosynthetic microalgae can be used to produce products like biofuels and cosmetics. But algae grown in a reactor block out the light on which they feed. New reactor designs could solve this problem and help the industry move forward.
27 Nov 2020

An Ultrafast Way to Produce Stable Perovskite Cells

Most solar cells today are made with refined silicon that turns sunlight into clean electricity. Unfortunately, the process of refining silicon is far from clean, requiring vast amounts of energy from carbon-emitting power plants.
27 Nov 2020

Patterning Method for Fiber Based Devices, Smart Textiles

Multimaterial fibers that integrate metal, glass and semiconductors could be useful for applications such as biomedicine, smart textiles and robotics. But because the fibers are composed of the same materials along their lengths, it is difficult to position functional elements, such as electrodes or sensors, at specific locations.
27 Nov 2020

Smart Wrap Implant may Help Bladder Control

An implantable smart wrap that fits safely and securely around the bladder may one day help people who have under-active bladders, a condition that hinders patients from urinating regularly and comfortably, according to an international team of researchers.
27 Nov 2020

Marelli to Open Production Facility for EV Drivetrains in Germany

Marelli, the leading global automotive supplier, headquartered in Saitama, Japan, will open a production facility for electric drivetrains in Cologne, Germany. Start of production is targeted for the first half of 2021.