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Innovision Research and Technology delivers innovative and market leading ICs for wireless connectivity solutions. Our primary focus is on short-range data communication from one device to another, passive and/or active, with a special emphasis on Near Field Communications (NFC) and RFID solutions.
As a leading fabless custom RF IC design and systems provider we offer a complete engineering capability to our clients, including research engineering, custom IC design and production, and system design engineering
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1 Nov 2023

Micro-LED Displays 2024-2034: Technology, Commercialization, Opportunity, Market and Players

IDTechEx Report: Dr Xiaoxi He
16 Mar 2023

RFID Forecasts, Players and Opportunities 2023-2033

IDTechEx Report: Dr Yu-Han Chang and Raghu Das
18 Aug 2022

Heavy-Duty Autonomous Vehicles 2023-2043: Trucks, Buses & Roboshuttles

IDTechEx Report: Dr James Jeffs and Dr Xiaoxi He
6 Nov 2008

The Technical Requirements of Low Cost, Customisable Multifunction, Multi-frequency RFID Tags

7 Aug 2007

Printed Electronics Changes Course

12 Dec 2005

Active RFID - A profitable business

Read the highlights from the IDTechEx Active RFID Summit which looked at the technologies and application of active RFID (tags with a battery) and how it is embracing other wireless technologies such as Wifi, Zigbee, Bluetooth, sensors and DSRC.
16 Nov 2005

Second Generation RFID Enabled Cellphones

Innovision Research & Technology, United Kingdom
4 Oct 2005

Sensors and RFID converge

Examining the prospect of ubiquitous sensors saving lives, improving the quality of life of the disoriented elderly, coping with natural disasters and much else besides.
3 Oct 2005

Active RFID becomes big business

Active RFID becomes big business and will have its own conference
2 Jan 2005

RFID in Healthcare in 2005

11 Nov 2004

RFID plus Near Field Communication (NFC): Going beyond the internet of things

Innovision Research & Technology, United Kingdom
12 Oct 2004

RFID and Near Field Communication - Going Beyond the Internet of Things

Innovision Research & Technology, United Kingdom