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3 Dec 2009

Amorphous Oxide Semiconductor TFTs

Inpria Corporation, USA, United States
23 Jul 2009

Nano ePrint developing printed nano-transistors in zinc oxide

Nano ePrint, formerly Plastic ePrint, the 2006 spin out from Professor Aimin Song's group at Manchester University in the UK, continues the development of its remarkable single layer transistor printing system.
30 Jul 2008

Progress towards p-type metal oxide semiconductors

In the last few years there has been increasing work on printed Zinc Oxide (ZnO) inorganic semiconductors. However, the materials developed have been used to demonstrated n-type transistors, but p-type transistors have not been commercially available. There are now two organizations that IDTechEx is aware of, and many more working on the topic, claiming p-type ZnO transistors are possible with reproducible results.
1 Jul 2008

Inorganic chemistry used more widely

Printed electronics today is mainly a matter of inorganic rather than organic chemistry and the next ten years are unlikely to see the inorganic part drop below 50% of the high value materials required.
30 Jun 2008

HP licenses technology to Xtreme Energetics for solar energy system

HP and Xtreme Energetics have announced that they have entered into an agreement for the development of a solar energy system designed to generate electricity at twice the efficiency and half the cost of traditional solar panels.
23 Apr 2008

Printed oxide electronics at Oregon State University

Oregon State University has had a comprehensive program developing printed oxide electronics and electro-optics for some years.