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Integrated Solutions shows organizations how to capture, generate, and retrieve data at all points of work and service through the supply chain. We educate IT decision makers about RFID and related technologies that drive business performance - and revenue - by eliminating boundaries of time, distance, and scale. Integrated Solutions covers all RFID applications, ranging from active tag asset tracking to the latest EPCglobal initiatives.
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Integrated Solutions
19 Feb

$39.6 million contract for Black Hornet drones

FLIR Systems Inc has been awarded a $39.6 Million order to deliver FLIR Black Hornet Personal Reconnaissance Systems in support of the United States Army. The highly capable nano-unmanned aerial vehicle systems delivered under this contract will support platoon and small unit level surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities as part of the Soldier Borne Sensor Program.
14 Sep

New iPhones models support native 'background' NFC tag read function

Apple announced a range of new iPhone models that, for the first time, will support native 'background' NFC tag read functionality. This enhancement simplifies the end-user experience by making dedicated reader applications optional.
29 Aug

AISpeech Co., Ltd.

AISpeech—Artificial Intelligent Speech, initially founded in Cambridge U.K. in 2008, is a company focusing on end-to-end spoken dialogue system technology. AISpeech has become a speech technology provider in China, specializing in providing solutions for all kinds of intelligent hardware, such as in-car devices, smart home and robots.
14 Aug

Biomedical Diagnostics at Point-of-Care 2019-2029: Technologies, Applications, Forecasts

IDTechEx Report: Dr Luyun Jiang
6 Jul

Study on information sharing for a waste to energy plant in Yokohama

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Environmental & Chemical Engineering Co Ltd will jointly conduct an empirical research study with the city of Yokohama on introducing AI and IoT technologies in Waste to Energy plants through a public-private partnership.
28 Mar


EnerBlu is a company that aims at producing LTO-based batteries for the US and Indian markets. They claim their batteries can last for more than 20k cycles and charge/discharge at a C-rate of 20C, as well as tolerate a broad range of temperature (up to 65 °C), which is a critical factor for India.
17 Jan

New CEO and Co-CEO to lead MHI Vestas Offshore Wind's Expansion

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Vestas Wind Systems are pleased to appoint Philippe Kavafyan to Chief Executive Officer and Lars Bondo Krogsgaard to Co-Chief Executive Officer of MHI Vestas Offshore Wind.
21 Dec

Joint research program partnership

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems Co Ltd has become the first partner in a new scheme by Gifu University to initiate joint research in partnership with the industrial sector. The university concluded an agreement with MHI which will focus on joint-research into smart grid power control engineering.
5 Dec

Autonomous shuttle for smart cities

Fisker Inc is entering an alliance with Hakim Unique Group, to develop an autonomous shuttle for smart cities across the globe.
7 Mar

Kite power: Diesel killer or wind turbine killer?

The new IDTechEx report, "Airborne Wind Energy (AWE) 2017-2027" finds that making electricity by flying kites and the like can potentially address two very different opportunities: kill diesel or kill wind turbines.
18 Aug

High power energy harvesting takes shape

Plenty of kilowatts from no fuel. This dream ticket is a reality today from the rapid adoption of high power energy harvesting. Energy harvesting converts ambient energy into electricity where it is needed, off-grid.
5 Feb

Energy harvesting in automotive applications: interest is still high

TRW Automotive has been developing advanced active systems in braking, steering and suspension as well as sophisticated occupant but also pedestrian safety systems, with a significant interest in the incorporation of technologies such as energy harvesting in its product offerings.
19 Jun

Move over silicon, there's a new circuit in town

This hybrid could take the place of silicon as the traditional transistor material used in electronic chips, since carbon nanotubes are more transparent, flexible, and can be processed at a lower cost.
29 May

Henkel makes strategic equity investment in Vitriflex, Inc

The Electronics Group of Henkel has announced that it has made a strategic equity investment in and signed a joint development agreement (JDA) with Vitriflex, Inc.
30 Apr

Siemens drive technology for new Hyundai vessel

Siemens Drive Technologies has announced that it is supplying an integrated high-tech diesel-electric drive and power-generation propulsion solution for a multipurpose offshore construction vessel (MOCV) that's being built by Hyundai Heavy Industries for Toisa at the largest shipyard in the world in Ulsan, South Korea.
12 Mar

Smart Packaging: One-off gimmick or sustained use?

In new research for the report Smart Packaging Comes To Market: Brand Enhancement with Electronics 2014-2024, IDTechEx conducted extensive interviews with end-users in order to understand the challenges and opportunities they see for smart packaging.
10 Feb

Impressions: 2014Flex, Flexible & Printed Electronics Event

This article covers the main impressions of the 2014 Flex conference, organized by the Flextech Alliance in Phoenix, Arizona. Approximately 600 attendees visited the conference and exhibition, and the consensus was that a "tipping point" has been reached in the field of printed and flexible electronics. IDTechEx will discuss this and its latest learning about barriers, printed sensors, and wearable electronics.
5 Feb

First surfactant-free semiconducting carbon nanotube inks

Brewer Science has launched its groundbreaking inks that will change the way carbon nanotube (CNT) users manufacture microelectronic devices.
27 Jan

End User Perspectives on Printed Electronics in Retail and Healthcare

DTechEx regularly interviews end users to help our clients understand the user needs and requirements from emerging technologies. The main trends and conclusions from our recent interviews with consumer goods companies totaling sales of more than $1 trillion a year are described in this article.
10 Dec

Colgate-Palmolive Company

The Colgate-Palmolive Company is a multinational consumer products company with a revenue of more than 17 billion USD. The profile discusses the views and perspectives of Colgate-Palmolive on printed electronics as an end user.