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International Electrotechnical Commission
9 Jun 2020

Next Generation Solar Cells Pass Strict International Tests

Light-weight, cheap and ultra-thin perovskite crystals have promised to shake-up renewable energy for some time. Research means they are ready to take the next steps towards commercialisation.
7 Jan 2020

Tests Measure Solar Panel Performance Beyond Established Standards

Photovoltaics used in solar panels are sensitive to environmental factors and often suffer degradation over time. International Electrotechnical Commission standards for accelerated degradation do not include field tests. While some testing facilities have made data available, much of the data needed to make business decisions for PV is not available publicly.
28 Oct 2019

ExRobotics and Yokogawa collaborate to accelerate adoption of robotics

ExRobotics and Yokogawa Electric Corporation announce the signing of a licensing agreement that will enable Yokogawa to sell and deploy ExRobotics' inspection robot hardware and software platforms worldwide.
22 Mar 2018

Wood joins expert group to help shape wave and tidal energy standards

Wood is pleased to announce that four employees working within its clean energy business have joined the British Standards Institution as committee members on the UK working group providing input into the International Electrotechnical Commission's marine energy committee.
26 Feb 2014

Nanotechnology may be key to solar energy and energy storage

A new study from the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) and the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI has found that nanotechnology will bring significant benefits to the energy sector, especially to energy storage and solar energy.
19 Oct 2012

ROHM becomes a promoter of the EnOcean Alliance

Leading Japanese semiconductor manufacturer will further develop and promote the interoperable energy harvesting wireless standard.
10 May 2012

Wireless sensor networks, energy harvesting and standardization

In April this year, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) ratified a new standard - ISO/IEC 14543-3-10 - for wireless applications with ultra-low power consumption.
27 Apr 2012

EnOcean starts new University Programme

EnOcean has launched a new university programme. This initiative will educate the university community about energy harvesting wireless technology and open up students' career opportunities at EnOcean.
26 Apr 2012

11kW permanent magnet synchronous motor without rare-earth metals

Hitachi announced a 11kW highly efficient permanent magnet synchronous motor co-developed with Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd., without using magnetic material containing rare-earth metals such as neodymium and dysprosium. The motor employs an iron-based amorphous metal(1) in the core, the heart of the motor.
24 Apr 2012

Standardization roadmap for U.S. electric vehicle deployment released

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) announced the release of a Standardization roadmap for electric vehicles - Version 1.0, developed by the Institute's Electric Vehicles Standards Panel (EVSP).
17 Apr 2012

EnOcean's wireless technology is an international standard

First ISO/IEC wireless standard optimized for solutions with ultra-low power consumption and energy harvesting.
7 Sep 2009

Energy harvesting industry in conflict

The ZigBee Alliance announced in July 2009 that it will draft a standard for energy harvesting devices.
3 Sep 2004

RFID Standards Organisations

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