International Post Corporation (IPC)

International Post Corporation (IPC)

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The International Post Corporation (IPC) is a co-operative association of 24 members who are national postal and logistics companies from major countries in Europe, Asia Pacific and North America. Our members handle 80% of the world's postal traffic, employ more than 2.3 million people, and have a combined turnover of €180 billion. IPC's corporate mission is to be recognised as the natural partner and industry organisation for improving service quality, promoting cooperation and interoperability and for providing informed analysis on postal and adjacent markets. Our members' business represents mail, parcels, express, logistics, retail and banking services.
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International Post Corporation (IPC)
24 Nov 2021

RFID Forecasts, Players and Opportunities 2022-2032

IDTechEx Report: Raghu Das, Dr Yu-Han Chang and Dr Matthew Dyson
27 Sep 2011

Recording Mail Delivery Times with RFID Readers in Letterboxes

International Post Corporation, Belgium
29 Sep 2009

Staying State-of-the-Art since 1996 - Latest Updates

IPC - International Post Corporation, Belgium
20 Feb 2008

A Worldwide RFID Network: 10 Years of RFID in Postal Services

IPC - International Post Corporation, Belgium
8 Feb 2008

RFID - Larger Orders and More of Them

The largest RFID orders - here comes China - huge advances coming in HF RFID - new vibrant technologies.
21 Jan 2008

RFID takes off - big time

Zebra Technologies has recently bought several impressive RFID companies, putting over $200 million on the table. In different RFID sectors, Assa Abloy buys at least one RFID company every year. Inside Contactless has just raised $38 million to boost its effort on RFID enabled mobile phones with the world's largest mobile phone manufacturer Nokia leading the group of investors. Clearly RFID is taking off - big time.
18 Sep 2007

A Worldwide RFID Network: 10 Years of RFID in Postal Services

IPC - International Post Corporation, Belgium
20 Dec 2006

Significant RFID Roll-Outs in the Postal Sector

In 2007, approximately 650 billion articles will be sent through postal and courier systems around the world. After retail, the tagging of each postal item is the next largest potential market for RFID by volume of tags. There are numerous significant RFID roll-outs in this sector which are under publicized, and here Raghu Das from IDTechEx summarises the latest progress.