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International Post Corporation (IPC)

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The International Post Corporation (IPC) is a co-operative association of 24 members who are national postal and logistics companies from major countries in Europe, Asia Pacific and North America. Our members handle 80% of the world's postal traffic, employ more than 2.3 million people, and have a combined turnover of €180 billion. IPC's corporate mission is to be recognised as the natural partner and industry organisation for improving service quality, promoting cooperation and interoperability and for providing informed analysis on postal and adjacent markets. Our members' business represents mail, parcels, express, logistics, retail and banking services.
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International Post Corporation (IPC)
11 Jan 2024


ChemCubed offer both nanocomposite material for 3D printing (termed NanoJet™) and multi-layer/multi-material digital printing solutions (termed ElectroJet™) for electronics, including materials (particle free inks), printers, and processes. This profile is an update of their latest developments on ElectroJet™.
16 Aug 2023

Jabil (Flexible Hybrid Electronics)

Jabil is a global manufacturing solutions provider that has developed flexible hybrid electronics (FHE) solutions for a broad category of products. IDTechEx corresponded with Senior Engineering Services Manager Girish Wable to learn more about the latest developments, particularly those around prototypes targeting the healthcare market. Girish wanted to acknowledge the contributions of Jabil's global team members and its ecosystem partners that provide materials (inks, substrates, adhesives) and equipment suppliers that help enable these capabilities.
26 Jul 2023

How Policy Efforts Help Drive Sustainable Polymer Development

A historic moment was marked in 2023 in Paris, France, as United Nations delegates from 180 countries convened to discuss a treaty to end global plastic pollution. In early June 2023, it was announced that these delegates had taken the first step towards a legally binding treaty to regulate plastics that could come into effect by 2025.
18 Apr 2023

Tsinghua University and the HTR-PM Reactor

China's HTR-PM reactor, developed primarily by Tsinghua University, is the first land-based, commercial-scale SMR (small modular reactor) to enter operation globally, with full power operation achieved in late 2022.
16 Mar 2023

RFID Forecasts, Players and Opportunities 2023-2033

IDTechEx Report: Dr Yu-Han Chang and Raghu Das
26 Jan 2022

Infineon: Automotive Power Electronics

Infineon is a leading supplier of automotive power electronics modules, having established strong partnerships with traditional OEMs. IDTechEx caught up with the company to discuss the latest industry trends.
16 Aug 2021


At Cardio Wearables 2021, Dr Rohan Sonawane, Sr Medical Affairs Program Manager, presented Medronic's product offerings in the cardiac rhythm space, focusing on their Reveal LINQ™ implantable cardiac monitor.
21 Nov 2019

Ground Breaking Blood Clot Prevention Technology

A partnership between the Royal Stoke University Hospital, part of the University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust, and a UK industry-leading medical devices company have been rewarded for its use of an innovative bioelectronic technology to prevent life-threatening blood clots in acute stroke patients - winning in the category:
14 Jun 2019

Trial to control insects in greenhouses with drones

The pilot starts this month, and the tests will be run continuously for 10 weeks in a test greenhouse planted with gerberas at the World Horti Center. Target: the golden twin-spot moth.
16 Aug 2017


21 Jun 2017

Real time monitoring of metal based additive manufacturing

EOS, technology provider for industrial 3D printing of metals and polymers, is expanding its EOSTATE monitoring suite to include an additional tool.
22 Mar 2016

Applications of Printed Electronics in Health Monitoring

A really strong theme of 2016FLEX was applications in wearable technologies, and in particular in health monitoring. This article summarizes some of the key announcements and progress being made in this area.
2 Mar 2016

NextFlex America's flexible hybrid electronics manufacturing institute

NextFlex, America's Flexible Hybrid Electronics Manufacturing Institute, has officially welcomed its founding members.
24 Apr 2014

Europium complexes emit red light at record efficiency

Researchers from the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IPC PAS) in Warsaw developed two new materials with record high luminescence efficiency.
17 Nov 2011

PulseSwitch Systems pushes into energy harvesting market

PulseSwitch Systems, LC, which announced last week that it will begin a strong push into the self-powered switch control and sensor market in 2012, has expanded its Board in preparation for that undertaking.
27 Sep 2011

Recording Mail Delivery Times with RFID Readers in Letterboxes

International Post Corporation, Belgium
29 Sep 2009

Staying State-of-the-Art since 1996 - Latest Updates

IPC - International Post Corporation, Belgium
22 Jan 2009

Pacothane Technologies Launches Pacoflex 5000

Pacothane Technologies LLC has introduced a technologically advanced, totally new Conformable Release Film that is specifically engineered to dramatically improve production yields and to simplify and standardize the process of laminating Cover-Layers to Flexible Printed Circuit Boards.
20 Feb 2008

A Worldwide RFID Network: 10 Years of RFID in Postal Services

IPC - International Post Corporation, Belgium
8 Feb 2008

RFID - Larger Orders and More of Them

The largest RFID orders - here comes China - huge advances coming in HF RFID - new vibrant technologies.