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JNC Corporation, a $3B global chemical supplier, develops a variety of ink-jet printing inks. JNC UV curable ink is suitable for a variety of applications including fabrication of microlenses with high transparency. JNC thermosetting polyimide ink can be applied to printed circuit boards, semiconductors and many other applications as an insulating layer, an adhesive and so on. JNC ink can help you simplify manufacturing processes, lower facility costs and reduce effects on the environment.
JNC Corporation inherited Chisso Corporation's business and started operation April 1st, 2011. JNC will contribute to the society by developing original and high performance products such as liquid crystal materials, overcoats for color filters, OLEDs, etc. With a focus put on the latest social trend, we consider what will be required in the future. We will continue to create the cutting edge techniques and products.
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JNC Corporation
17 Dec 2019


Previously SiNode, Nanograf develop silicon-graphene composite electrodes for Li-ion batteries. They presented at the IDTechEx Show USA 2019.
12 Sep 2014

Printed RFID Tag from Japanese Consortium

Under the NEDO project, a group consisting of The University of Tokyo and others successfully transmitted an unique identification signal at a commercial frequency using high performance organic thin film transistor that can be manufactured by print process.
17 Sep 2013

Printed Electronics in Japan (part II)

In this second report based on 35 company visits and our conference in Tokyo, July through September 2013, we look at some more trends identified.
9 Sep 2013

Printed Electronics in Japan (part I)

From July through September 2013 we have visited 35 companies and interviewed many delegates at our Printed Electronics Asia event in Tokyo as well as reviewing the lectures and talking to the lecturers. This article shares some of the trends in Japanese printed electronics and allied subjects that have emerged. It is only a taster from the huge database of information acquired and interpreted by IDTechEx analysts. Over the years, the task has been made difficult by the Japanese predilection for changing company names and this cannot help their business activity.
4 Apr 2012

JNC Materials for Printed Electronics

JNC Corporation, Japan
21 Mar 2012

New: The printed electronics manufacturing forum

Printed electronics manufacturing is becoming increasingly integrated as companies work on putting together different printing, lamination, substrate handling, curing and finishing processes.
20 Mar 2012

Inorganic and composite printed electronics is favoured

At the forthcoming event, Printed Electronics and Photovoltaics Europe 3-4 April in Berlin, one third of the 94 presentations and masterclasses primarily concern organic compounds but two thirds primarily concern inorganic and composite devices. The organisers did not steer it that way: the customers did.
27 Jan 2012

Visit to JNC Corporation the PE Virtuoso

This week, Printed Electronics World visited Mr Etsuo Nakagawa and Mr Kiichiro Ito of JNC Corporation (parent company Chisso) in Japan. JNC Corporation manufactures worldwide and that includes structural plastics and Li-ion battery materials for electric vehicles. In printed electronics, it is about to sell RFID inlays with a secret new antenna deposition process on plastic film.