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King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)
24 May 2023

Gas Separation Membranes 2023-2033

IDTechEx Report:
9 Dec 2022

6G Market 2023-2043: Technology, Trends, Forecasts, Players

IDTechEx Report: Dr Yu-Han Chang and Sona Dadhania
21 Apr 2022


Natufia is a Saudi Arabia-based company providing customers with turnkey solutions to smart indoor gardening, having been founded in 2014 by Gregory Lu. IDTechEx analyst Brendan Beh spoke with Natufia's Marketing Director, Anastassia Taylor, on 14th April 2022.
3 Mar 2022

These Solar Panels Pull in Water Vapour to Grow Crops in the Desert

Using a unique hydrogel, scientists have created a solar-driven system that successfully grows spinach by using water drawn from the air while producing electricity. The proof-of-concept design offers a sustainable, low-cost strategy to improve food and water security for people living in dry-climate regions.
25 Feb 2022

Perovskites Used to Make Efficient Artificial Retina

An artificial electronic retina that can "see" in a similar way to the human vision system and can recognize handwritten digits has been built by researchers as they seek to develop better options for computer vision applications.
4 Jan 2022

Fitness Sensor Warns When You're at Your Limits

Ultrathin nanomaterials, known as MXenes, are poised to make it easier to monitor a person's well-being by analyzing their perspiration. While they share a similar two-dimensional nature to graphene, MXenes are composed of nontoxic metals, such as titanium, in combination with carbon or nitrogen atoms. With naturally high conductivity and strong surface charges, MXenes are attractive candidates for biosensors that can detect small changes to chemical concentrations.
2 Sep 2021

Electric Gains in Battery Performance

A high-performance version of the zinc-ion battery will enable stationary energy storage that promises to be cheaper, safer and more environmentally friendly than lithium-ion batteries.
20 Jul 2021

Training an AI Eye on the Moon

A Moon-scanning method that can automatically classify important lunar features from telescope images could significantly improve the efficiency of selecting sites for exploration.
15 Apr 2021

Machine Learning at Speed

Inserting lightweight optimization code in high-speed network devices has enabled researchers to increase the speed of machine learning on parallelized computing systems five-fold.
6 Apr 2021

Ultrashort Peptides to a Long Way for Tissue Engineering

A printable hydrogel made of ultrashort peptides could help shape cells into viable tissues.
13 Jan 2021

Two Sided Solar Cells to Collect Scattered Light

To increase the performance of solar panels, a team of researchers has created a bifacial, or two-sided, tandem solar cell, built by bringing together the best of the perovskite and silicon technologies.
13 Nov 2020

Materials for Printed/Flexible Electronics 2021-2031: Technologies, Applications, Market Forecasts

IDTechEx Report: Raghu Das
12 Oct 2020

Energy Harvesting Plastics Pass the Acid Test

A polymer previously used to protect solar cells may find new applications in consumer electronics, reveals a team studying thin films capable of converting thermal energy into electricity.
7 Oct 2020

Multisensory Graphene-based Skin Can Sense in Extreme Environments

Harsh environments that are inhospitable to existing technologies could now be monitored using sensors based on graphene. An intriguing form of carbon, graphene comprises layers of interconnected hexagonal rings of carbon atoms, a structure that yields unique electronic and physical properties with possibilities for many applications.
2 Sep 2020

Inkjet Printed Thin Skinned Solar Panels

Solar cells can now be made so thin, light and flexible that they can rest on a soap bubble. The new cells, which efficiently capture energy from light, could offer an alternative way to power novel electronic devices, such as medical skin patches, where conventional energy sources are unsuitable.
25 May 2020

Moisture Sucking Gels Give Solar Panels the Chills

A cooling system developed at KAUST has improved the efficiency of a prototype solar panel up to 20 percent and requires no external energy source to operate.
20 Apr 2020


King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) is a research university located near Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. This profile focuses on the work of Prof. Shamim's group, which is based on printed circuits, antennae and their applications.
17 Mar 2020

Powering Devices Goes Skin Deep

Soft and flexible materials can be used to ultrasonically charge bioelectronic implants, which could help to reduce the need for surgical treatment.
17 Feb 2020

Hybrid Transistor Improves Next-Generation Displays

An innovative manufacturing technique has led to the development of hybrid organic transistors for use in next-generation electronic displays and large-area electronics.
24 Jan 2020

Quantum Solutions

Quantum Solutions was spun out of the King Abdullah University (KAUST) in 2017 and started sales in 2018.