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21 Oct 2021

Who Is Winning at 6G?

Several billion dollars have been put on the table for 6G Communication so far. The IDTechEx report "6G Communications Market, Devices, Materials 2021-2041" reveals how Europe, North America, and East Asia are all strongly committed to this dream. So who is ahead in the race to mass deployment maybe in 2030?
15 Oct 2019


FoodMarble - a company based in Dublin, Ireland - has developed a portable breath analysis device to determine which foods are the source of issues for people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
19 Jun 2019

Plug-in Hybrids Questioned

IDTechEx now believes that there may be no hybrid cars sold after 2030 other than 48V MHEV continuing for a few years due to their exceptionally low cost. Read on to find out more.
20 May 2019

UK's first AI platform for NHS hospitals

Aiming to simplify and speed up complicated radiology workflows, NVIDIA and King's College London are partnering to build an AI platform that will in the near future allow specialists in the U.K.'s National Health Service to train computers to automate the most time-consuming part of radiology interpretation.
27 Dec 2018

3D printed brick generates electricity

An international team of scientists have developed a thermogalvanic brick that generates electricity as long as the two faces of the brick are at different temperatures.
3 Dec 2018

AI to crack unloved murder cases

Some of history's most notorious unsolved murder crimes could be laid bare thanks to new forensic research.
19 Sep 2017

Removing Cars from Cities: Perfect Storm

Cars must be driven out of cities to tackle the UK's air pollution crisis, not just replaced with electric vehicles, according to the UK government's top adviser talking in August 2017.
7 Sep 2017

Solar Powered Educational Learning Library (SolarSPELL)

The PLuS Alliance has announced the winning candidates of its inaugural PLuS Alliance Prize, which recognises Research Innovation and Education Innovation.
10 Aug 2017

Removing cars from cities: Perfect storm

RethinkX and Barclays Research have issued carefully prepared research concluding that the global peak for cars will be in only a few years. Analysts IDTechEx say around 2030. Most experts see it as inevitable.
9 Feb 2015

3D copy of patient's heart

A 3D printed model of a patient's heart has been used by surgeons to help plan how to fix the heart.