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17 Sep 2020

Photovoltaics that can be Applied like Paint

Researchers have successfully developed a high-efficiency large-area organic solution processable solar cell by controlling the speed at which the solution of raw materials for solar cells became solidified after being coated.
29 May 2020

Large Scale Stretchable and Transparent Electrodes

A research team has developed a large-scale stretchable and transparent electrode for the stretchable display.
11 May 2020

Stretchable Lithium-Ion Battery Based on Micro-Honeycomb Structure

The microscale reentrant-honeycomb shaped, graphene-based electrode is characterized by an accordion-like structural stretchability. A stretchable gel electrolyte and stretchable separator are also developed for all-component stretchable full cells, with applications for future stretchable devices.
13 Apr 2020

Foldable and Washable Luminescent Film

Infrared radiation, which is invisible yet highly utilizable, is used in various fields and for various purposes, such as for coronavirus detection (i.e. through thermal imaging cameras and biosensors). A research team has developed a technology that visualizes infrared radiation and expands its application range.
13 Apr 2020

Novel Li-ion Superconductor for Safe Batteries

Currently, Li-ion batteries based on liquid electrolytes are mainly used for batteries for electric vehicles and energy storage devices. However, as battery safety issues have recently been raised several times, various concerns about the use of existing batteries using flammable liquid electrolytes have increased.
25 Feb 2020

High-Capacity EV Battery Materials that Double Driving Range

Researchers have announced the development of silicon anode materials that can increase battery capacity four-fold in comparison to graphite anode materials and enable rapid charging to more than 80% capacity in only five minutes. When applied to batteries for electric vehicles, the new materials are expected to more than double their driving range.
8 Aug 2019

Material for wearables that can self heal after being stretched or cut

A research team announced a new material, developed via joint convergence research, that simultaneously possesses high stretchability, high electrical conductivity, and self-healability even after being subjected to severe mechanical strain.
10 Jul 2014

Making dreams come true : making graphene from plastic?

Graphene is gaining heated attention, dubbed a "wonder material" with great conductivity, flexibility and durability. However, graphene is hard to come by due to the fact that its manufacturing process is complicated and mass production not possible.
18 Apr 2012

IDTechEx visits South Korea

IDTechEx recently visited South Korea as part of a UK Trade and Investment mission. Here we summarise some highlights of the trip.
20 Mar 2009

Opening of PETEC 17 March

The Printable Electronics Technology Centre (PETEC) is the UK's major new design, development, and prototyping centre for the commercialisation of printed electronics. With 180 present, the launch included keynote lectures from international experts in the field of printable electronics.
19 Mar 2009

Opening of PETEC 17 March Airs Photovoltaics

The Printable Electronics Technology Centre (PETEC) is the UK's major new design, development, and prototyping centre for the commercialisation of printed electronics.
12 Oct 2007

New type of flexible transistor created at room temperature - Korea/US

Products like the flexible transistor will account for 10 percent of the information technology (IT) device market within the next 10 years say researchers at KIST.
4 Nov 2004

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