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3 Oct 2018


Quantumscape is a very secretive battery start-up based in California. In 2018, Volkswagen invested $100M to support the company's efforts in developing a solid-state battery.
9 Oct 2015

General Motors

IDTechEx reports Dr. Cai's work in Lithium Sulphur Batteries at General Motors Research and Development.Dr. Cai presented her work at the Battery Show in Novi Michigan in September 2015.
3 Sep 2015


Amprius is a spinout of Stanford University working on silicon nanowire anodes for Li-ion batteries. Their target market is that of high altitude pseudo-satellites (HAPS), thanks to a specific energy of 400 Wh/kg.
5 Dec 2014

High-temperature thermoelectric generator for U.S. military

The successful demonstration of a 1,000W TEG designed for diesel engine exhaust heat recapture.
13 Nov 2014

GMZ Energy announces self-powered gas boiler

GMZ Energy has announced the successful demonstration of a self-powered gas boiler.
6 Oct 2014

GMZ Energy announces new, high-power thermoelectric module

GMZ Energy has announced the TG16-1.0, a new thermoelectric module capable of producing twice the power of the company's first product, the TG8.
15 Aug 2014

GMZ Energy announces Scott Rackey as Vice President

GMZ Energy has announced the appointment of Scott Rackey as Vice President of Business Development.
12 Jun 2014

Testing of 200 watt high temperature thermoelectric generator

GMZ Energy has announced the successful demonstration of a TEG designed for automotive waste heat recapture.
28 May 2014

GMZ Energy appoints Cheryl Diuguid as CEO

GMZ Energy has announced the appointment of Cheryl Diuguid as CEO.
18 Nov 2013

Kovio Inc

Kovio, Inc., was acquired in January 2014 by Thin Film. The company had developed printed silicon inks which can be used as a semiconductor. The company was founded around 2001, but began by looking to make inks to print antennas for RFID tags but later switched to making inks to print transistors. It developed a printable nano-silicon ink and has focused on printing RFID and anti theft (EAS) tags.
26 Nov 2012

GM Ventures makes 2nd investment in battery-electric bus company

GM Ventures, the venture capital arm of General Motors Co. created in 2010, has invested for the second time in Proterra, a company that makes a battery-electric, fast-charge bus.
2 Aug 2012

Solexel unveils ultra-thin, high-performance silicon solar cell

Dr. Mehrdad Moslehi, Solexel's Founder, Executive Chairman & CTO, recently unveiled the company's disruptive ultra-thin silicon solar cell technology.
8 Jun 2011

SuVolta's innovative PowerShrink

SuVolta announces PowerShrink Planar CMOS platform to dramatically reduce integrated circuit power consumption
2 Dec 2010

GE and venture capital partners invest $55 million in new technology

GE and its venture capital partners have announced a collective investment of $55 million in leading power grid technology companies as part of the $200 million "GE ecomagination Challenge."
15 Jul 2009

Kovio Raises $20 Million in Venture Capital to Ship RF Barcodes

Kovio, Inc., a privately held company developing printed silicon electronics, today announced that to date it has raised $20 million in Series E financing
23 Jul 2007

Kovio CEO to Give Company's First Public Address at IDTechEx Event

Amir Mashkoori, Kovio Chairman and CEO, will be the keynote speaker at the annual IDTechEx Printed Electronics USA 2007 conference and exhibition, being held November 13-14 2007 in San Francisco. This will be Kovio's first public presentation since the company's inception.