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9 Sep

World's smallest accelerometer points to new era in wearables, gaming

In what could be a breakthrough for body sensor and navigation technologies, researchers have developed the smallest accelerometer yet reported, using the highly conductive nanomaterial, graphene.
22 May

Blood and sweat take training app to the next level

By keeping check on the sweat the human body secretes, users can be warned about becoming dehydrated in good time before problems arise, so they can either stop exercising or drink to rehydrate their body.
11 Jan

New glucose monitor for diabetics, virtually painless, accurate

A more comfortable and reliable blood-sugar monitoring system is being designed by researchers in Sweden for people with diabetes. After successfully testing a prototype of a microneedle patch on a human subject, the completion of a system for clinical tests is now underway.
12 Nov

Real-world ready robot bridges the gap between man and machine

Combining innovative hardware with a new class of conversational AI software and state of the art tools, the company has also developed a powerful and sophisticated platform specifically for multisensory and immersive language interactions, enabling developers working in any industry sector and from any country to build highly advanced applications for social robots.
18 Sep

Flexible, Printed and Thin Film Batteries 2019-2029

IDTechEx Report: Dr Xiaoxi He
29 Aug

Multifunctional Composites 2019-2029: Technology, Players, Market Forecasts

IDTechEx Report: Dr Richard Collins
24 Jul

Biobased Polymers 2018-2023

IDTechEx Report: Dr Bryony Core
20 Dec

IKEA Open Innovation Challenge in Printed Electronics

IKEA has invited a selection of companies to propose innovative ideas and technologies aiming at E-labels and/or Digital Communication Carriers.
2 Jun

Biobased 3D printing for the automotive sector

The Spanish city of Zaragoza has hosted the opening meeting for the European Project BARBARA (Biopolymers with advanced functionalities for building and automotive parts processed through additive manufacturing).
24 Apr

A new method developed for measuring carbon nanotubes

Researchers have developed a new method for measuring the number of single walled carbon nanotubes and their concentration in a carbon nanotube layer.
30 Dec

A robot learns its way around the lab

Unlike you or me, robots actually have to learn things like: chairs change positions from hour to hour, or that a book resting on a table is not part of the table.
20 Dec

Skin patch with microneedles proves effective alternative to injection

A microneedle patch, which combines stainless steel needles embedded in a soft polymer base - the first such combination believed to be scientifically studied. The soft material makes it comfortable to wear, while the stiff needles ensure reliable skin penetration.
1 Apr

Wooden windows? New material could replace glass in solar cells

Windows and solar panels in the future could be made from one of the best — and cheapest — construction materials known: wood.
10 Dec

Storing electricity in paper

Researchers have developed power paper - a new material with an outstanding ability to store energy.
2 Jun

Trees are source for high-capacity, soft batteries

A method for making elastic high-capacity batteries from wood pulp was unveiled by researchers in Sweden and the US.
1 Apr

Making waves with new gear technology

A new wave energy system, which uses a gearbox design generates five times more energy per ton of device, at one third of the cost when compared to competing state-of-the art technologies.
13 Aug

New fuel efficiency record with Midsummer's flexible solar cells

The Swedish Royal Institute of Technology set a new Swedish fuel efficiency record with 181.5 km/kWh in the Shell Eco Marathon competition.
17 Jul


Exeger was established in 2009. Exeger is planning to build a 20 MW sheet-to-sheet DSSC production facility at Stockholm near KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Exeger claims this to be the largest production facility worldwide.
3 Jun

Highlights from a printed electronics conference

IDTechEx recently attended a Printed Electronics conference in Germany. IDTechEx analysts attended talks from a wide variety of companies. Here we include very brief highlights/summaries of the important points.
31 Dec

Solar cell performance improves with ion-conducting polymer

Researchers at KTH Royal Institute of Technology have found a way to make dye-sensitized solar cells more energy-efficient and longer-lasting.