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l'Association pour le Développement de Banama(ADB)

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l'Association pour le Développement de Banama(ADB)
24 Mar 2021

NGK Wins Order for Renewable Energy Project in Mongolia

The NAS batteries will be used in Mongolia's first solar power plant construction project with an adjoining battery energy storage system. The introduction of large-capacity NAS batteries alongside the solar power generation facilities will enable solar power-generated electricity to be used day or night.
9 Oct 2019

Vietnam's first large-scale floating solar power plant

The Asian Development Bank signed a $37 million loan agreement with Da Nhim-Ham Thuan-Da Mi Hydro Power Joint Stock Company to provide funding for installation of Vietnam's first floating solar power plant.
15 Jun 2018

Off grid increasing

The trend to off grid electricity production being a declining percentage is now being reversed, as IDTechEx predicted.
30 Dec 2016

Wearable revolutionizes whale research, makes them partners in science

A sophisticated new type of "tag" on whales that can record data every second for hours, days and weeks at a time provides a view of whale behavior, biology and travels never before possible.
5 Jul 2013

The light industrial & commercial EV business will exceed $20b by 2023

IDTechEx projects that 119,000 electric taxis will be sold giving a $1.8 billion global market. Most of the commercial electric vehicles, including the taxis, are and will be pure electric. That will even be true of large commercial vehicles, notably e-buses, set to exceed a $20 billion market as early as 2018 and dominated by demand in China.
21 May 2013

Disputed sales of electric cars: the truth behind the confusion

How is it that some analysts put pure-electric car sales at hundreds of thousands in 2012 whereas others report a mere 60-65,000? At analysts IDTechEx, we feel that a lack of rigor is largely to blame because there are cars homologated as such and car-like vehicles that are not homologated as cars.