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25 Feb 2022

Eurocell is Building a Gigafactory in Western Europe

Eurocell batteries last over 10 times longer than conventional lithium-ion technologies, reducing virtually all 'end of life' issues. A wide range of operating temperatures also makes them ideally suited to areas with extreme weather and for off-grid solutions.
22 Feb 2022

Successful Implantation of Wireless Visual Prosthesis Brain Implant

The Intracortical Visual Prosthesis, an implant that bypasses the retina and optic nerves to connect directly to the brain's visual cortex, has been successfully surgically implanted in the study's first participant. This surgery is part of a Phase I Feasibility Study of an Intracortical Visual Prosthesis for People With Blindness.
21 Oct 2021

A Flexible, Seaweed Like Generator

Ocean waves can be powerful, containing enough energy to push around sand, pebbles and even boulders during storms. These waves, as well as smaller, more gentle ones, could be tapped as a source of renewable energy. Now, researchers have developed flexible power generators that mimic the way seaweed sways to efficiently convert surface and underwater waves into electricity to power marine-based devices.
7 Oct 2021

Royal Mail Trial Drone Deliveries to North Ronaldsay Island in Orkney

This week, Royal Mail has started a trial of scheduled, autonomous flights for two weeks between Kirkwall and North Ronaldsay to better connect remote island communities. SATE
13 Sep 2021

Construction Begins on CO2-Neutral Fuel Plant in Chile

Porsche and Siemens Energy have joined forces with a number of international companies to build an industrial plant for the production of nearly CO₂-neutral fuel in Punta Arenas, Chile.
3 Nov 2020

eLoaded Develops E-Mobility-Hubs in Europe

eLoaded supports such complex projects within the context of research and development initiatives. One of these projects is a Innovation Center for energy and mobility with Europe's most extensive charging infrastructure. The planning includes more than 200 charging points, including high power charging points with up to 500kW charging power.
6 Jul 2020

BMW Group Opens new Additive Manufacturing Campus

The BMW Group has officially opened its new Additive Manufacturing Campus. The new centre brings together production of prototype and series parts under one roof, along with research into new 3D printing technologies, and associate training for the global rollout of toolless production.
21 Apr 2020

Flexim Instruments

Flexim instruments create a number of instruments for use in a variety of industries, such as water, oil and gas etc. IDTechEx interviewed Andy Hammond, General Manager
31 Oct 2019

Rwanda Becomes the First African Country to Introduce a Volkswagen EV

In a first for the African continent, the Volkswagen Brand has launched a pilot project in partnership with Siemens to test the feasibility of electric mobility in an African country.
1 Oct 2018

Machine-learning system tackles speech, object recognition at once

MIT computer scientists have developed a system that learns to identify objects within an image, based on a spoken description of the image. Given an image and an audio caption, the model will highlight in real-time the relevant regions of the image being described.
30 Aug 2018

European smart cities €30 million project

+CityxChange has just secured EU Horizon 2020 Smart Cities and Communities funding for a €30 million project. 11 enterprises, 9 SMEs, 3 non-profit organisations and 2 universities will be led by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in the development of smart positive energy cities across Europe.
26 Jan 2018

Bugatti 3D prints world's largest functional titanium car component

For the first time, the Bugatti developers have succeeded in designing a brake caliper that can be produced by 3-D printing. But that is by no means all. While the main material used for the additive production of vehicle components to date has been aluminium, the new brake caliper is made from titanium.
29 May 2017

European collaboration include everyday items in Internet of Things

The Necomada consortium has announced that it will be addressing the material challenges associated with the Internet of Things, to allow for the integration of electronics into a wide range of everyday items.
19 Sep 2016

Regenerative energy harvesting in 48V mild hybrids

The huge market opening up for 48V cars and commercial vehicles will involve much more effective regenerative braking generating tens of kilowatts and probably a turbine in the exhaust as well, generating one kilowatt or so in a small commercial vehicle.
13 Sep 2016

Europe pulls ahead in 48V mild hybrid cars

Mild hybrid cars at 48V will first hit global markets in a big way in 2017.
30 Jun 2016

Affordable advanced 48V ADEPT hybrid

Following almost three years of intensive testing, development and validation of advanced mild hybrid technologies with 48V 'intelligent electrification' applied to a Ford Focus project demonstrator, the ADEPT (advanced diesel-electric powertrain) consortium partners have announced that the project is on course to meet the stringent air quality and ultra-low emission requirements expected of near term next generation vehicles.
1 Aug 2014

Large UK Government grants for KERS harvesting

Gyrodrive flywheel harvesting for buses and Flybrid flywheel harvesting for diggers will receive a big boost from large UK Government grants just announced.
3 Jun 2014

Highlights from a printed electronics conference

IDTechEx recently attended a Printed Electronics conference in Germany. IDTechEx analysts attended talks from a wide variety of companies. Here we include very brief highlights/summaries of the important points.
3 Mar 2014

Highest efficiency for a back contact silicon solar cell

Trina Solar Limited has announced that researchers from Trina Solar and the Australian National University have jointly developed a new high-efficiency solar cell.
12 Jun 2013

Solar Press and FOM Technologies equipment distribution agreement

Organic Photovoltaic (OPV) technology developer Solar Press has entered into a distribution agreement with specialist equipment company FOM Technologies for the sale of its unique, high performance fabrication and test equipment for functional materials research.