Based on the principles of Electrowetting, Liquavista has developed a new type of electronic screen technology that will change the way we interact with electronic products in the future. Liquavista's displays create bright and colourful images that ensure excellent indoor and outdoor viewability and use dramatically less battery power. The company's ultimate vision is to build on the extraordinary optical performance and unique power efficiency of its technology to lead a green revolution in low power displays for e-readers, notebook PCs, desktop monitors and televisions.
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17 Feb 2016

Clearinks Displays

8 Sep 2014

Dai Nippon Printing

29 Jul 2014

E-paper displays in consumer electronics

E Ink is the only supplier of electrophoretic displays that are used in e-readers such as the Amazon Kindle.
18 Feb 2014

E-paper displays in consumer electronics

Consumer electronic devices are evolving fast and there is a constant need for display technologies with new features. This week we look at e-paper (reflective) display technologies and assess their strengths in the consumer electronics market.
20 Jan 2014

Printed electronics at CES

The 2014 Consumer Electronics Show finished a few days ago with an overload of media coverage and company press releases. Now that the dust has settled, we take a look back at some of the announcements that were made during the show and what they mean for Printed Electronics.
16 Dec 2013

Philips Corporate Technologies

The smart window/glass technology from Philips is based on e-paper principles - particles are moved from the edge of a cell across a cell when voltage is applied. Light transmission through the glass can be controlled between 1 to 70%
18 Nov 2013

Analyzing the Profits in the Printed Electronics Market in 2013

According to IDTechEx research, the market for printed and potentially printed electronics, including organics, inorganics and composites, will rise from $16.04 billion in 2013 to $76.79 billion in 2023.In this article, we will detailed the market size and forecast by application, highlight which companies are making money and why, and discuss the main go-to-market strategies.
16 May 2013

Amazon has acquired Liquavista from Samsung Electronics

Reuters reported last Monday that Amazon has acquired Liquavista NV from Samsung Electronics Co to help the world's largest Internet retailer develop new displays for mobile devices.
15 May 2013

Printed, Flexible and Organic Electronics sees 15.3% CAGR

The new report from IDTechEx titled Printed, Organic & Flexible Electronics: Forecasts, Players & Opportunities 2013-2023 finds that the total market for these technologies will grow from $16.04 billion in 2013 to $76.79 billion in 2023.
30 Apr 2013

Gamma Dynamics

incorporates the advantage of electrophoretic e-paper (bistable and sunlight readable) and add better color rendering and faster refresh rate (for animations). Can potentially become the standard in e-paper technology. - Minimum overhead: very few employees and most of their operations are collocated in academic facilities.
25 Mar 2013

Samsung negotiating Liquavista sale - possibly to Amazon

The world's leading display producer, Samsung Electronics is trying to sell Dutch subsidiary Liquavista BV to Inc., reported Bloomberg on Friday.
11 Mar 2013

Display Trends: OLEDs, LCDs and E-Readers

LCD panel makers in Taiwan, Japan and Korea have been suffering. Despite the growing demand for LCDs the high number of panel makers and new competition from China has resulted in severe price competition, to the point that many panel makers are no longer profitable.
1 Mar 2013

Ubiquity or obsolescence: how is E Ink's success story going to end?

Looking back at last year, it looks like 2012 was a tipping point for the e-reader market. Kindles and the likes were overshadowed by new models of tablet computers, resulting in a shift in consumer spending towards the tablets. But e-readers are still hugely popular, not least because of their long battery life and their low price. Since the holiday season, the must-have new feature has been the frontlight that enables reading in the dark, such as in the new Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. But take a closer look at this new generation of e-readers and you will find something striking: all of them use the same E Ink Pearl display, a technology that was released more than two years ago.
20 Feb 2013

On a roll: why E Ink is still the leader in e-paper

E-paper technologies are attempts to mimic paper, which can be described as a reflective surface, non-emissive and viewable from any angle.
14 Jan 2013

E Ink Holdings

16 Nov 2011

E-readers - Market prospects and technology developments

Electronic paper technology has found its main application in the development of e-book readers, a market that has bloomed in recent years with successful devices such as the Amazon Kindle and the Barns & Noble Nook.
23 Aug 2011

DisplaySearch: Emerging display technologies

Eileen Tanghal of Applied Ventures opened the conference. Applied Ventures is the venture arm of Applied Materials ($9.5B revenue in 2010) with companies such as Liquavista, Plextronics, Terabarrier, SAGE Electrochromics and Semprius being the most relevant companies backed by funding from Applied Ventures.
25 May 2011

Comments from S.I.D. 2011

S.I.D. is the successful display technology exhibition and conference. It was held last week in Los Angeles and had well over 5,000 attendees, and it included some aspects relevant to printed and flexible electronics. The show is often a great gauge of current interest in different display technologies and this year it was evident that the latest focus is on 3D television and touch screen technologies.
16 Feb 2011

Printed Electronics progress at Samsung

In this article we review the latest Printed Electronics progress at Samsung.
15 Feb 2011

Printed Electronics in Korea

IDTechEx recently visited Korea to learn more about the progress with Printed Electronics there - find out more.