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4 Nov 2015

Supercapacitors record breaking performance for self-powered wearables

The NSF Nanosystems Engineering Research Center for Advanced Self-Powered Systems of Integrated Sensors and Technologies develops and employs nano-enabled energy harvesting, energy storage, nanodevices and sensors to create innovative battery-free, body-powered, and wearable health monitoring systems.
28 Apr 2014

UK professor recognised for pioneering work on solar cells

Professor Henry Snaith has received the Materials Research Society's (MRS) prestigious Outstanding Young Investigator Award for his work on the development of perovskite-based solar cells.
30 May 2013

Dyesol exceeds stringent PV durability test by 400 per cent

Australian "clean-tech" company and Dye Solar Cell industry leader, Dyesol Limited has announced its solar-enabling technology has exceeded a key international photovoltaic industry standard test for long-term durability by 400 per cent.
14 Dec 2012

Potential grid parity solar cell

Global Photonic Energy Corporation announces the demonstration of a thin-film solar cell that can potentially provide electricity at grid parity, or the cost of traditionally provided electricity.
19 Jul 2012

Carbon-based transistors ramp up speed and memory for mobile devices

Award-winning TAU research attracts electronics industry giants
4 Jan 2012

New Energy appoints business partnering and scientific experts

New Energy Technologies, Inc. a developer of technologies for generating sustainable electricity, is pleased to announce the appointments of Dr. Scott R. Hammond as Principal Scientist, and Dr. Christopher M. Harris to the Company's Board of Advisors.
9 Dec 2011

Zhong Lin Wang receives recognition for innovative technology

Wang, a physicist who joined Georgia Tech in 1995, has almost single handedly launched a new field of research that takes advantage of the unique properties of zinc oxide nanostructures.
2 Jan 2009

Finding better materials for solar cells

New research could lead to cheaper solar cells with vast potential