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McDonald's Corporation
27 Mar 2023

Sustainable Packaging Market 2023-2033

IDTechEx Report: Sona Dadhania
22 Mar 2023


Footprint are a molded fiber packaging manufacturer, who developed a bio-based barrier coating for food packaging applications.
10 Oct 2022

Chemical Recycling and Dissolution of Plastics 2023-2033

IDTechEx Report:
21 Sep 2022

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Headsets 2023-2033: Technologies, Players, and Markets

IDTechEx Report: Sam Dale
20 Sep 2022

Visionaries 777

Visionaries 777 (V777) is a Hong Kong-based company that builds software to link locations and objects to videos and information for purposes including training, marketing, education, and more. The company spun out of Lego — its founders were originally hired to create an AR department at the company.
21 Jun 2021

Plant-Based Meat 2021-2031

IDTechEx Report:
13 May 2021

UBQ Materials and Plastics App Partnership in Sustainable 3D Printing

UBQ Materials announced a partnership with Plastics App. Together, the two companies have launched a novel filament with a significantly reduced carbon footprint so as to enable sustainable and eco-conscious manufacturing.
26 Feb 2020

McDonald's Deep Fryer Oil Turned into High-End 3D Printing Resin

Researchers have, for the first time, turned waste cooking oil - from the deep fryers of a local McDonald's - into a high-resolution, biodegradable 3D printing resin.
14 Nov 2019

McDonald's Signs First Wind Energy Contract

The virtual PPA represents the first wind energy contract signed by McDonald's and will help the company make strides toward its Climate Action Target to reduce GHG emissions related to McDonald's restaurants and offices by 36% by 2030.
2 Oct 2018

Stretchable and Conformal Electronics 2019-2029

IDTechEx Report: Dr Xiaoxi He
24 Aug 2018

Solar powered McDonalds

McDonald's newly designed restaurant a one-of-a-kind modern and environmentally-friendly design and enhanced customer experience with self-order kiosks, table service, mobile order and payment, and delivery.
31 May 2018

Frozen yoghurt robots, eliminates need for staff

Launching off success in US markets, revolutionary frozen yogurt robots, are set to disrupt the industry in Canada.
7 May 2015


UICO make touch technology solutions, around durable pro-cap solutions for water/dirt/glove readability. They formed in 2007, based in Chicago, and are now expanding their operations at a second site in Silicon valley.
18 Nov 2013

Analyzing the Profits in the Printed Electronics Market in 2013

According to IDTechEx research, the market for printed and potentially printed electronics, including organics, inorganics and composites, will rise from $16.04 billion in 2013 to $76.79 billion in 2023.In this article, we will detailed the market size and forecast by application, highlight which companies are making money and why, and discuss the main go-to-market strategies.
14 Feb 2013

Outlook for smart packaging: $75 million to $1.45 billion in ten years

It has been a slow path to commercialize smart packaging. Despite strong needs such as the aging population, tougher legislation, huge waste, more demanding consumers and concerns about safety and crime; commercial success has been mixed.
3 Dec 2012


8 Nov 2011

Progress at T-Ink

The phenomenal and cultural success of Apple and Steve Jobs' vision was the result of technology and artistry coming together to change the way we interact with our world. IDTechEx has long advocated the need for more companies to not only continue to develop breakthrough PE technology but to design and integrate printed electronics into the soul of the product rather than just supplying materials or components.
23 Nov 2010

McDonald's Lelystad and Almere are going green with EV-Box

Dutch McDonald's franchisee Panky Nefkens, who runs McDrives in Lelystad and Almere, is an innovative entrepreneur. Recently he became the first McDonald's franchise in The Netherlands with its own EV Charging Stations for electric cars and scooters.
18 Oct 2010

Printed electronics killer applications

Printed and partly printed electronics and electrics are not being applied to very expensive things or electronic things first. It is more about modernising printing more than it is about modernising electronics.
20 May 2010

T-Ink multisensory brand enhancement

Printed electronics company T-Ink has a range of applications, some already commercialized for Point of Sale (POS) integration. The current applications include floor and shelf T-Ink printed Floortalkers and Shelftalkers activated by touch or proximity.