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5 Aug

Bacteria-killing gel heals itself while healing you

Researchers have developed a novel new gel made entirely from bacteria-killing viruses. The anti-bacterial gel, which can be targeted to attack specific forms of bacteria, holds promise for numerous beneficial applications in medicine and environmental protection.
9 Apr


MesoMat manufacture a stretchable conductive polymeric yarn for smart textiles to target the wearable, automotive, and composite industries. IDTechEx technology analyst Dr Richard Collins interviewed Paul Fowler and Sukhbir Kalirai (Co-founders).
19 Mar

Keeping high-risk workers safer

Researchers have created a motion-powered, fireproof sensor that can track the movements of firefighters, steelworkers, miners and others who work in high-risk environments where they cannot always be seen.
10 Sep

Access to 3D printing is changing the work in research labs

A small, black box could change the way scientists search for new antibiotics. The PFIbox's nine structural parts can be 3D printed in about a day, snap together in minutes, and cost about $200.
18 Aug

Researchers resolve problem that has been holding back technology

Imagine an electronic newspaper that you could roll up and spill your coffee on, even as it updated itself before your eyes. It's an example of the technological revolution that has been waiting to happen, except for one major problem that, until now, scientists have not been able to resolve.
16 Apr

Inkjet printer could produce tool to identify infectious disease

Consumers are one step closer to benefiting from packaging that could give simple text warnings when food is contaminated with deadly pathogens like E. coli and Salmonella, and patients could soon receive real-time diagnoses of infections such as C. difficile right in their doctors' offices, saving critical time and trips to the lab.
4 Nov

Chrylsler Group to develop advanced electric and hybrid power trains

hrysler Group LLC has entered a 5-year, $18.2 million partnership with McMaster University, with funding support from the Canadian government, to develop next-generation, energy-efficient, high-performance electrified powertrains and powertrain components.
23 Jun

Highlights of Photovoltaics beyond Conventional Silicon event

IDTechEx shed light on progress of technologies at Photovoltaics beyond Conventional Silicon conference held in Denver.
18 Jun

Nanowire Photovoltaics: Opportunities and Challenges

McMaster University, Canada
14 May

The key to low-cost solar cells: Is it thinner than a human hair?

One of the biggest obstacles to widespread use of solar cells as a clean source of energy is cost.