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MicroGen Systems, Inc. is developing a suite of products based on its proprietary piezoelectric vibrational energy harvester (PZEH) technology. These low cost, long lifetime (>20 years) Micro-ElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) are micro-power sources that extend rechargeable battery lifetime or will eliminate the need for batteries altogether. Applications include consumer, military, industrial and commercial industries.
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MicroGen Systems
25 Oct 2016

Vibration energy harvesting: Where is the money?

Energy harvesting is off-grid production of electricity where it is needed using ambient energy such as wind, tide and waves or just vibration.
19 Jan 2015

7 million pound investment in 3D printing firm

Hobs Reprographics, the largest independent 3D printing company in the UK received a £7m investment from BGF in December 2014 to support its growth strategy.
20 Nov 2014

Empowering IoT and wearables

MicroGen Systems, Inc.United States
23 Apr 2014

Linear Technology Corporation

16 Apr 2014


1 Apr 2014

Powering 'Internet of Things' Applications with Micro-Scale Energy Harvesting

MicroGen Systems, United States
21 Nov 2013

Energy Harvesting for Industrial and Building Applications

MicroGen Systems, United States
13 Jun 2013

Energy harvesting returns to the forefront

2008 to 2010 saw huge enthusiasm and interest in the development of small energy harvesters.
3 May 2013

Energy harvester rolls to market production

A new concept becomes proven reality, as MicroGen's nanotechnology-based energy harvester - researched and developed by the company at the Cornell NanoScale Science and Technology Facility (CNF) - begins commercial-scale production this summer.
10 Jan 2013

Piezoelectric energy harvesting: Developments, challenges, future

The days when piezoelectric energy harvesting was considered unreliable and had low power output are long gone. Hand in hand with the development of ultra low power electronics, energy harvesters have been drastically improving also.
21 Dec 2012

MicroGen Systems

MicroGen is developing products based on its proprietary piezoelectric vibrational energy harvester technology. These MEMS devices are micro-power sources that can either be used to extend battery lifetime or in some cases eliminate the need for batteries altogether.
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8 Nov 2012

Energy Harvesting Today and Beyond

MicroGen Systems, United States
5 Sep 2012

XTRION N.V. completes MicroGen series A round

MicroGen Systems, Inc. has announced that XTRION N.V. completed the first investment round of the company.
5 Jun 2012

NYSERDA awards $1.2M contract to MicroGen Systems, Inc.

NYSERDA has awarded $1,200,000 to MicroGen Systems, Inc. to commercialize its energy harvesters.
16 Nov 2011

Vibrational Energy Harvesting Technologies and Applications for 2012 and Beyond

MicroGen Systems LLC, United States
10 Nov 2011

Energy harvesting markets

Next week the IDTechEx Energy Harvesting & Storage USA event will open in Boston to more than 350 attendees from 16 countries. Below are some of the highlights you should expect from the show.
15 Aug 2011

Development of self charging batteries from ambient vibration

MicroGen Systems is developing a global, scalable, green, renewable energy power source.
6 Mar 2009

MEMS-based energy harvester provides green power source

A green power source like MicroGen's product can dramatically reduce the need for traditional batteries.